Port Susan Middle School

Student & Family Update 09.04.22

A reason to smile!

I would like to thank you everyone for a great first day. As I reflect on this week, I am thankful for all of the work that went into making it a success. Our custodial staff made our floors shine, our secretaries put in long hours this week to get us organized, and our classified paras came together early to make sure they were ready to support our students.

I also want to acknowledge our teachers for their delivery of a consistent message to students as well as our BLT for taking the time to create, reflect, adjust, and be ready to take what we learned from today and continue our work together as we continue to focus our promise.

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Pictures from this week

Student Learning

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Day 2 Assembly

We had the opportunity to invite Teen Truth to our school for an assembly on Friday. A picture of our students is below as well as a short video that gives you an idea of the message that was delivered.
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TEEN TRUTH: School Assembly - Promo Video

Attention band students

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Routines & Procedures

Hallway Safety

We ask that all hats are worn backwards and hoods are off as students transition from class to class so that we can easily identify students in the hallway &/or on our cameras as needed.

Morning routine

  • Be in the foyer or the cafeteria until 7:25

  • 7:25 - Dismissed to 1st period, but can stay in cafeteria or foyer until 7:35

  • 7:35 - All students go to 1st period

  • No wandering halls at any time

Bell - What does the bell mean?

  • The bell rings at the end of class time.

  • You go immediately to your next class,

  • Reminder: If you need to use the bathroom check in with your teacher first to get a pass

  • Students should not line up at the door at the end of class

Snacks - When can you have snacks? (teacher choice)

  • During advisory and/or with teacher permission

  • Snacks need to be allergy aware

Liquids/Drinks - What do you need to have in order to drink in the hallway/classroom?

  • Your drink needs to be in a leak proof container

End of day dismissal - When do you leave school? Do you know what bus to take?

  • Everyone leaves at 2:10 pm and exit out front doors

  • Refer to Bus Lineup and Route Information

  • Where do you go?

    • Walkers leave campus - YMCA walkers go through back gate

    • Pick up - go to side parking lot to find your ride

    • Bus - go to your bus line and wait respectfully

Electronic Devices

Chromebook Distribution

This week, we have checked out and distributed a chromebook and charger to all students at Port Susan Middle School. These have been labeled with first and last names and it is important that all students understand their responsibility for care of these devices.

I highly suggest that you have a spot to charge your chromebook nightly in your home. If they do this, they should not need to bring their charger to and from school (device only). Along with this, if they would like to have headphones at school, we would like them to be wired headphones that work with chromebooks.

Cell Phones & AirPods (or wireless headphones)

We have asked that if students have a cell phone and/or AirPods, they leave them in their backpack silenced &/or off throughout the school day.

Chromebook Fines

Please make sure to report any damage to the chromebook and/or if something goes wrong right away. Below is the fine list for the school year in regards to chromebooks.
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Building Safety

As a staff, we have really made it a point as we returned this school year to keep our building secure throughout the school day and into the afternoon/evening for after school events as much as possible. One thing that we are fortunate to have is all classrooms are in one building so we can lock and secure the building throughout the day. We always have an adult at the front door in the morning to greet all students as they enter and that is the only entrance open to the school. Once they come in at 7:40am to start the day, that front door gets locked and closed and it remains that way until 2pm when the buses arrive to pick up students.

If a parent or visitor comes to the school, they have to ring the doorbell for us to verify and actually go open the door for them because it is locked. In addition, we have cameras and a monitor in the main office to also verify who they are from the office prior to going to the door. All classroom doors have a magnet that allow them to be opened, but quickly locked by removal of the magnet by teachers &/or teachers prop their door throughout the day and can quickly close if needed because they are already locked (this would be announced by intercom) *no keys needed to lock. In addition, in my office is a monitor that I leave all hallway cameras on and live to view throughout the school day and I can quickly move it to outside cameras to monitor throughout the day as well. Our attempt to prevent is the number one priority and am always open for feedback and/or ideas. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or additional ideas.

Again, thank you for taking the time to talk to your student about the importance of communicating any concerns as well as letting us know how we can continue to support students here. I truly appreciate it!

Parent Drop Off

If you are providing transportation for your student in the morning, please take a look at the image below. We should be able to get 5-6 cars to drop off at once, which will help all students get to first period on time & save you some time as well. If you're the first car in line, please pull forward to the first cone/curb area and the next 4-5 cars can follow behind. All students can then exit the vehicle and walk into the building. Friday went much smoother, so thank you!
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Bell Schedule

For the first few days of school, we have been using our announcement system to transition to classes because we were on a special advisory schedule. With advisory being between periods 2 & 3, this helped our students know where to go next. This week, we will begin our regular bell schedules and be turning on the bell system this week to notify students & teachers when the class period ends. Students are to go directly to their next class and if they need to use the restroom, we ask that they check in with their teacher first to get a hall pass. This helps with safety of our students as well as knowing where all students are at all times in case of an emergency.
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If your student will be absent due to illness or family business, please call the school at 360.629.1366 or send email to skline@stanwood.wednet.edu to excuse the absence prior or the morning of to avoid an email or phone call. All absences must be excused within 72 hours of a student returning to school.

Fall Sports Begin TUESDAY!

Tuesday will begin Season 1 of Sports (Cross Country and Girls Soccer). It is not too late to sign up, so if you are interested. The 2022-2023 PSMS Registration Form is found here.

Previous Family Communications

Linked below are previous communications. Please continue to reach out with any questions you have. You can email me directly (calmanza@stanwood.wednet.edu) or call our office at 360.629.1360 - we appreciate it!

August 21st

August 28th

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!

See you Tuesday~

Cherae Almanza, Principal calmanza@stanwood.wednet.edu

Crysty Auckland, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director cauckland@stanwood.wednet.edu

Teacher Emails

Dave Austin (6-8 Fitness & 6 Leadership) daustin@stanwood.wednet.edu

Jonathan Bletscher (6-8 Band) jbletscher@stanwood.wednet.edu

Joan Campbell (6-7 Math) jcampbell@stanwood.wednet.edu

Tamara Pedersen (6-7 Math) tpedersen@stanwood.wednet.edu

Lori Stunz (7 ELA & 6-8 Art) lstunz@stanwood.wednet.edu

Grace Gale (6 Science & 6-8 STEM/Robotics) GGale@stanwood.wednet.edu

Sub for Grace Gale is Anastasia Stanton Astanton@stanwood.wednet.edu

Chelsea Hanson (6-8 ELA/Humanities) CHanson@stanwood.wednet.edu

Nate Hanson (6-8 Computers/Digital Effects) nhanson@stanwood.wednet.edu

Audrie Harrington (6/7 ELA & 7/8 Leadership) aharrington@stanwood.wednet.edu

Joshua Keaton (7/8 History) jkeaton@stanwood.wednet.edu

Seth Hills (6 Social Studies) shills@stanwood.wednet.edu

Selena Wyman (guest teacher for Seth Hills) swyman@stanwood.wednet.edu

Lori Johnson (6-8 Assist) ljohnson@stanwood.wednet.edu

Wade Johnson (7/8 Science) wjohnson@stanwood.wednet.edu

Rebecca Klein (6/7 Science) rklein@stanwood.wednet.edu

Meghan Lawrence (6-8 PBS) mlawrence@stanwood.wednet.edu

Ellianna Martin (6-8 Math) emartin@stanwood.wednet.edu>,

Daniel Mccrumb (6 Math/Science & 7/8 Outdoor Ed) DMccrumb@stanwood.wednet.edu

Sarah Oldow (6 ELA/Social Studies) soldow@stanwood.wednet.edu

Catherine Perry (6-8 EL) cperry@stanwood.wednet.edu

Tracy Riley (6-8 ELA) TRiley@stanwood.wednet.edu

Kelcie Rocha (7/8 Math) krocha@stanwood.wednet.edu

Brad Rochon (7/8 Science) brochon@stanwood.wednet.edu

Connie Schmidt (6-8 Health) cschmidt@stanwood.wednet.edu

Sheri Schroeder (8 History/ELA) sleeschroeder@stanwood.wednet.edu

Sub for Sheri Schroeder is Delanie May dmay@stanwood.wednet.edu

Kym Shoemaker (7/8 Math) kshoemaker@stanwood.wednet.edu

Crystal Titus (6-8 Fitness) ctitus@stanwood.wednet.edu

Kayte White (8 ELA & 6 Cultures) kwhite@stanwood.wednet.edu

Julia Zurcher (7 History & 7/8 Home Ec) jzurcher@stanwood.wednet.edu

Office Support

Jayde Piggot (6 Counselor) jpiggott@stanwood.wednet.edu

Keli Niegemann (7/8 Counselor) kniegemann@stanwood.wednet.edu

Emily Bowne (School Psychologist) ebowne@stanwood.wednet.edu

Kandyce Hansen (Speech Language Pathologist) khansen@stanwood.wednet.edu

Sara Harlan (Librarian) sharlan@stanwood.wednet.edu

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