Big, Not Bad

By: Anneliese Zhu


Imagine yourself living at the coast of California, or Baja California, Mexico. You’re resting your arms on the railing of your balcony. Then, all of a sudden, WHOOSH!, a stream of water sprouts out. Soon after, a large gray-ish blue tail bursts through the water, contrasting greatly among the calm glittering water. You’ve just experienced the biggest animal on Earth, the blue whale. You may know the basic facts, like what it eats, but do you know how it eats? Probably not. The blue whale has an interesting habitat, fascinating qualities, and a simple and consistent diet.

*Cue the fancy voice*

The blue whale has an interesting habitat, a well throughout eating pattern, and amazing qualities. Unfortunately, the ginormous beast has also been hunted and this fantastic animal is still endangered. Now, the world has started to appreciate the beauty of blue whales and have protected them. Hopefully, we can all enjoy how elegant and lovely the blue whale is and adore the wonderful beast that has almost been wiped from the surface of the Earth.

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Word Wall

Above, you will see a word wall of special words or phrases that go together with the blue whale. See if you can recognize every single one of them.

Go Fish

During our Australia units, I went to many workshops , including one called Go Fish. At this workshop, my group was given a fake aquarium and budget to spend. I had one partner, Eva Lanius, who helped me choose and set up the specifics of the underwater tank. We ended up getting one Plecostomus, one Male Halfmoon Betta, two Blue Male Veiltail Bettas, one Black Molly, and one Sunburst Wag Platy. As you can see, my partner and I choose a fair amount of Bettas. We also had to chose a theme. I ended up with a dark, mysterious theme. To go with the theme, I bought a rock cave, a sunken horse ship, and some plants. I spent around $225 dollars and had 16 inches of fish in a 20 gallon tank.

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Under The Sea!!

In another one of my workshops, I did a diorama. I drew a blue whale, a bottlenose dolphin, a swordfish, one barracuda, a jellyfish, a parrot fish, a great white shark, and coral. It was a really fun experience and I hope to do it again.