Mechanic - My Path to Success


To be a mechanic is not necessary to go to college but if you want you can go and have more experience. They are many college that can help you to have more experience on being a mechanic in your life. You will have more opportunities on the job.

Career Reseach

Daily Tasks and Responsibilties

You have a responsibilities because you need to know the parts of the cars and how to fix the parts.

  • In larger auto shops, mechanics may specialize in a particular type of repair.

  • Although the majority of a mechanic's time is spent working on automobiles.

  • To keep a car running smoothly and prevent costly repairs mechanics also perform routine maintenance procedures such as rotating tires.

Work Environment

Automotive service technicians and mechanics held about 701,100 jobs in 2012 most worked full time for private companies, and about 14 percent were self employed. Most service technicians work in well ventilated and well lit repair shops.

Education and Training

  • You need to finish high school and have a diploma or equivalent.
  • They must know how to use diagnostic and power tools, as well as be experienced in customer service and computer technology.
  • Most auto mechanics begin their education with some sort of vocational training in high school.
Preferred Job Skills

  • Diagnostic Abilities

  • An Array of Integrated Skills

  • The Ability to Stay Prepared

  • The Ability to Teach Others

  • Career Longevity

Job outlook

9% (As fast as average)


The salary for a mechanic in a year is $36,610

The salary for a mechanic per hour is $17.60

High School Preparation


They are many student that want to be a mechanic when they grouv up and thay need to take some classed that are needed to be a mechanic but in school you can take some classed to learn how cars works.

  • Car Care
  • Auto 1
  • Auto 2

According to this website they are many courses that you can take to be a mechanic. If you want more information you just go to the website and check out the courses that you can take if you are interested.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Mechanic club this club is out of school.

My Post-Secondary Plan

They are many kid's that want to be a mechanic because they see their dad working as a mechanic or because they are really in to being one when they ground up and because they like to work with cars.

A potential mechanic can:

Then after high School they give you a diploma with that diploma you can have more classed and you can find a job more fast than other people that want to be a mechanic.

In order to become a mechanic you don’t need to have college education because is not necessary. If you are interested in being a mechanic and to have more experience than other go to college is going to help you. College that you can earn a dagger are.

  • College board

  • Triton college

  • Wheaton College
Work and/or Volunteer Experience

  • Truck Mechanic

  • Car Mechanic

  • Motorcycle mechanic


  1. Ms. Gorzynski - Digital literacy teacher at east leyden high school

  2. Ms.O'Neil - Special Education teacher at east leyden high school

  3. Ms. Merkle - Math teacher at east leyden high school

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Throughout the entire career research process I learned that utilizing as many resources as possible is the best way to go. I found a lot of valuable information on websites like and many other’s. I learn that mechanic don’t need to go to college but if you go you will have more experience in mechanic. Now I know for sure that I want to pursue a career as a mechanic.