Spindletop Webquest

By: Kaitlyn Hammonds

What were early uses for oil?

People used oil in lamps, as grease for wagons and tools, and as illuminant for medicine.

How does oil form?

Oil is formed when decaying organic matter is heated and put under immense pressure.

How did Spindletop get its name?

Who was Patillo Higgins?

He was one of the people who helped make the company that first drilled on Spindletop.

Who was Anthony F. Lucas?

He was the leading United States expert on salt dome formation.

Who were the Hamilton Brothers?

What is a wildcatter?

A wildcatter is a prospector who sinks exploratory oil wells.

How much oil did Spindletop produce?

Over 153,000,000 barrels of oil had been produced from the Spindletop fields.

How do you drill an oil well?

How is oil refined?