Nerja Beaches

Zach Bell


Located in Europe on the southern coast of Spain.

Latitude: 36 Degrees 45' 10" N

Longitude 3 degrees 52' 27" W

Beach Type

This beach is on a passive coast because it is not close to any tectonic activity and is closer inside the plate.

Nerja beach is a secondary coast because it is formed by marine forces. Many sea caves, reefs and cliffs are around these beaches.


Nerja Beach is a submergent coast due to the rising sea level of the Mediterranean Sea. Over the past few years the sea levels have been steadily increasing.

The sand color is of a darker shade that comes from sedimentary deposits.

Nerja Beach is known for its clear blue water and rocky coastline. Many tourist attractions and snorkeling/ scuba diving. It has a tropical climate with moderate temperatures. Off the coast are mountain ranges and hills. Very calm beaches with little waves and has many caves and sea walls.

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