Guide to Noun and Verb Randomness

Kelly Donut

What are the articles in the english language?

Articles help define nouns. Articles include: "the", "a", and "an".

You need articles because if you don't have one then the sentence wont make sense.

Ex. Dog pooped.

You need to add an article to that sentence.

THE dog pooped.

What is a noun phrase?

To know what a noun phrase is, you need to know what a noun is.

A noun is a person, place, thing or idea.

To make it a noun phrase, you just add an article.

Noun: dog Noun phrase: The dog

What is a verb phrase?

To know what a verb phrase is, you need to know what verb is.

A verb is an action word like run.

There is also a 2nd type of verb.

A linking verb is what connects to the subject,

Kelly IS a pretty little liar addict.

A verb phrase is a group of words with a verb in it.

Why is "I" a pronoun?

"I" is a pronoun because if I was talking about how I went to the store I wouldn't say "me went to the store" or talk in third person like, "Kelly went to the store". I would have to say "I went to the store".
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The Difference Between the Two Verbs

Action verbs are pretty simple. They are words that describe what someone/something is doing.

Linking verbs are like equal signs.

Ex. Kelly is a pretty little liar fan.

Replace the linking verb with an equal sign and you will understand what I mean.

Kelly= a pretty little liar fan.