Hawk Talk

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Hello Hawks! What a fantastic homecoming weekend! Thank you to all of you for your help in making our homecoming parade a success. Our students had a fantastic time and it is always nice to have time together to focus on having fun and showing school spirit!

As we participated in the parade, I had a student share with me that participating in the homecoming parade is the first time he remembers being invited to do something at school "for a good reason." This is a student who shared they have felt unwelcome at school in the past, and just last week on Friday shared with me this statement: "I have the most awesome teacher ever and now I think I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I never though about being a teacher before, but he makes it cool." WOW ---- what an amazing moment to hear that from a student. Who knows what one act or collection of acts from the teacher made the student feel this way --- but that is something that I know this student will remember forever.

As you welcome your students today and every day (little Lucy reference for you!) --- you have this amazing opportunity to make a difference and make each child feel important. We know each child is important --- but do they know how important they are? What actions can we take to communicate how much we believe in them? This student obviously feels that way --- what about the rest of our students? I challenge you to actively seek ways to make each student feel important each day - because they are! Teaching is a calling - you are here for a reason - thank you for making a difference!

This month, please look carefully at the important events and the HPE calendar (which you access through Groupwise). There are a few trainings we will be sending staff members to attend, as well as PTO events, and some community partnership events.

*A few nuts and bolts to point out for the week:

-Interventions for reading begin this week. Thank you for your thoughtful review of data and careful grouping for your students. As you begin interventions, please make sure you have a plan for progress monitoring --- you have STAR and DIBELS available to you as progress monitor tools. Please choose the tool that best meets your students needs and supplies you with the right data to help you track student progress.

-Samantha Juergensmeyer, Denver Moore, and myself will be attending adaptive schools trainings this week.

-Custodial/maintenance staff appreciation day is Friday. Let's show Carla how much we appreciate her!

-Looking ahead to next week: STAR testing window opens, UNUM enrollment occurs for HPE staff (please direct questions to Audrey Henebry and have UNUM materials prepared), Hawk Point Fire Department visits for classroom presentations and smoke house/fire response training

-Last reminder is simple: Show pride in your work each and every day. We have the privilege of working with students each day to make a difference - approach each day with pride and enthusiasm for being an educator!


Time for a twitter chat! Did you know that you can follow twitter chats? If you follow #mathchat, #edchat, or @tcwrp --- then you will see several different options for twitter chats quite frequently. So...you might be asking yourself, what is a twitter chat? A twitter chat is a scheduled time where interested learners visit a twitter feed and share ideas and discussion focused on a certain topic. I have been challenging myself to watch twitter chats focused on math and reading workshop this past week --- and I have to say, I love it! There are lots of great ideas that educators share and post links to --- great for you to peruse as you look to build your online professional learning network. A

While we are talking digital learning...anyone have a blog that you can't wait to read each week? If so, please share it with us so we can learn along with you!