Digital Citizenship

How to be good Digital Citizenship

A Digital Citizen is a person who doesn't say mean things on line or doesn't post bad or embarrasing picture online.

Branding and Social Media

  • Branding or Positive Social Media is how or what a person posts online.
  • If someone post a mean picture online, thats and example of negative branding.
  • Negative Social Media is posting bad or innapropriat words.


  • A cyberbully is a person who is like a bully but online
  • A cyberbully would probably post mean things about someone
  • Or could post bad or innapropriate pictures online about someone
Anti-Bullying week Cyber Bullying video

"How you aren't a digital citizen

  • You cyberbully or is negativily branded
  • You are a bystander who doesn't do anything to solve a problem
  • And you have a bad digital footprint

Piracy and Plagurism

  • Piracy is steeling or giving away copyrighted work
  • Plagurism is typing the same or making slight changes to someone elses work
  • they are both illegal
Plagiarism is Bad

Searching Effectively

  • Put quotatient marks around you search
  • triangulating search
  • Take out uneeded words or phrases

Digital Footprint

  • A digital footprint is the history of the recent websites you have been on
  • People are able to look at you digital footprint on your computer
  • This his how some people get hacked online

Jaxon Kreikemeier