Let's Make our Community Beautiful

Let's start making it beautiful

Lend a Hand

Come and make the community beautiful! We can use your help. People just throw their trash on the ground instead of in a trash can. Also, when you are driving or walking around you see the flowers dying. So lets get started.

Make our Community Beautiful

Sunday, June 1st, 9pm to Wednesday, June 11th, 9pm

at the city garden in yuba city

You can come any time and lend a hand. You should wear clothes that are good for gardening.

What is going on?

1. All two days you can win gift cards.

2. Remember if you can all two days to help out, you can come to a party on June 11th at 10pm.

3.Please try bringing some gardening tools if you can, but we will have some.

Caring About the Community

If you care about our community then you will come to our gather to beautify the community.