The Disney Effect

By: Ashleigh Howland

Disney Princess movies to Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is Disney World's most popular park. Recently in 2012 they redid fantasy land to add more Princess castles/houses. They added these to make you feel like you have stepped into the movie and you have become a part of it. The cast members add another element of 'The Disney Effect'. Fantasy Land is an opportunity for every age to enjoy childhood memories such as Winnie The Pooh or classic films such as Peter Pan. Fantasy Land is what it says, it brings what we believe is just a fantasy to become a reaity for everyone. The reason disney has formed a section of their park all around the princess' is because the princess' are the main thing you think of when you think of disney and to have their castles come to life and you be able to experience them is magical!


Employees are required to always look presentable and happy. When you get interviewed they smile a you and if you dont smile back or frown during meeting you arent hired. They're also expected to follow 'The Disney Look' guidlines at all times. Your attitude should be as if you're always "on stage"even if you arent doing anything. You also have to wear the appropriate clothes and keep them clean ad neat. Another thing is you must always have your name tag on and theirs guidlines for that also. Overall employees should always be performing for the guest to make them have the best Disney experience.


It is important for the characters to come to life to inhance the magic even more. When you meet the character you build a personal experience with that movie/park and it is really the most important thing about Disney (Making Meemories). Disney has made the characters come to life so that it not only looks real but feels real. They are constantly part of shows to make the xperience even more fun. Fantasy lind brings your dreams to life so that you can make memories with your favorite disney movies and it creates magical moments in your life!

"We create happiness"