Being an Anesthesiologist

By ~ Ayana Perez

What is an Anesthesiologist?

A type of doctor that practices anesthesia. We are physicians that specialize in preoperative care, development of an anesthetic plan, and the administration of anesthetics.
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What do Anesthesiologist do?

They help make sure the patients are safe during the undergoing of surgery. Provide care for patients to prevent pain and stress. To do this is may involve putting the patients to sleep and numb the part of the body being operated.

Southern Methodist University (SMU)

This is one of the schools i choose to study at.
The tuition was $43,800 but the total would be over $60,000 for the whole 8+ years.
I picked it because its close to home and because it feels like the right place to get to where i want to be.

Texas Christian University (TCU)

The annual cost with everything and the tuition is around over $50,000 for all the total years. I picked this school because its the school I've always been saying I would go to or dream of going to.

Texas A&M Universty

The annual cost for everything will be around $25,000 by semester for my total years. I picked this school as my last choice because its here and i can still visit and see family for holidays and it may be good and help me in my core classes.
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