old york

Mayor JACK

We use hydroelectric energy in old york.

"Old york is the most power city. We use the most electricity in the world we need to change!" People in old york us hydroelectric energy. It's the best way to fuel our big city. One reason why it's the best way to fuel Old york is Old york is close to a big river. That is an unlimited supply of energy. that means when there are no more fossil fuels we will be a city that won't be affected.

Here are some cool pictures of hydroelectric energy.

It's also very easy to convert the water to power. All that is needed is a reservoir and a

generator. When the water flows through the reservoir it will turn the gears. when the

gears turn that will make the generator turn on which will make power. With such a big city like Old york and a huge fast river it could power Old york for years to come.

This is how it works

Below is a video about Hoover Dam.