Asia Essential Topics

China's rise economically and growing influence around the world.

Before 1979, China’s economy was very poor and struggling. However in 1979 the country opened up to foreign trade, and invested in a free market economy. Ever since the country made this move the country has boomed to meet those of the top of the world and still remains as one of the fastest growing economies. China’s GDP (gross domestic product) was averaging 10% which was towards the top of the world, as of 2012. As for now China’s economy ranks 2nd among countries, largest merchandise exporter, 2nd largest merchandise importer, 2nd largest destination of foreign direct investment (FDI), largest manufacturer, largest holder of foreign exchange reserves, and largest creditor nation. China’s economy helps many countries succeed as well. Since China is the largest manufacturing country it distributes goods and merchandise to countries all over the world. It also is the 2nd largest merchandise importing country which helps other countries trying to export the merchandise they are manufacturing. All in all China’s huge and booming economy has not only positive impacts on their people, but on the people of the rest of the world too.

Hinduism vs. Buddism

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The Kashmir Conflict

The Kashmir Conflict is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan over a northern part of South Asia which includes the cities of Kashmir, Jammu, Ladakh. India claims about 43% of “Kashmir” and Pakistan claims about 37% of it, almost equal amounts, so no wonder there is heavy dispute of the land. In the past, at least 3 wars have been fought over Kashmir in 1947, 1965, and 1995. Also many skirmishes have been fight over Saichen Glacier. The dispute between the countries has caused thousands of deaths, of civilians and soldiers. Today, the fighting is not as heavy as it has been in the past, but it’s still prevalent. While there’s not fighting everyday there are still skirmishes and fights over the land on a weekly basis. Both countries are sending troops to the area, trying to occupy the land for their country with no avail. The war has also caused major tension between the Islam and Hinduism religions. Most of Pakistan is Islam and a good portion of India is Hindu, so with this fighting both sides are starting to point fingers and blame the other for the destruction. Since the war has been going on for 100+ years, the sides have formed a bitter hate for one another and it adds to the fire that is the Kashmir conflict.

The Caste System

The caste system is a social system created in India. The caste system is connected to the Hindu concept of the four varnas, which order and rank humanity by spiritual purity. The highest varna is the Brahmins, or priests. Next comes the Kshatriyas, the warriors, and then the Vaishyas the merchants. The lowest varna is the Shudras, which are the labourers, artisans and servants who do the dirty work. It was thought that contact between varnas must be limited to avoid pollution of higher, purer individuals by lower, unclean ones. Wealth and power generally rise with caste status, but individuals may be rich or poor. The caste system has been in effect since the start of India and it’s still in effect today. It todays society your caste determines who you can talk to, play with, work with, marry etc. It’s a sad truth but in India it’s a trivial fact. For those who are poor, there’s no way to work your way up the system, you usually leave your money with your children when you die and hope they make the best use of it. The rich live a lavish lifestyle in uptown India where they mingle and party nightly. The caste system is racisim not based on yoru skin but on your value.

China's 1 Child Policy

The 1 Child Policy is a population control pan. The China claims it is preformed so the economy , school systems, public services, etc. can handle the amount of children. This policy made a big difference in the populations. The Chinese government's claims that there were three to four hundred million fewer people in China in 2008. A case of this law went horribly wrong in 1987-1989. Mao had twins in 1987, was confined to a psychiatric ward for six days. In 1989, Mao had another pregnancy that created a fight in her work unit. Mao was fired from her job because she protested her treatment, even though she agreed to have an abortion. Mao was sent back to a psychiatric hospital where she said she was reported. Last April she was given and 18 month sentence in a labor camp. This shows just how cruel and unfair the Chinese government is.


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