The Life of B. Walkeri

May his soul live on forever!

By Antonio F.

A graduate of the University of T-2 Science
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The Dinosaur Himself

B. Walkeri liked to be known as Baryonyx among his friends. He was found in the clay pits of Dorking England, which at the time that he was alive, was the delta of a large sea. A land reptile, he had the hobby of hunting the ten foot long fish, that swam in the rivers. He was possibly collecting fish when he died, some of which, were still in his stomach when paleontologists recovered his body. He had quite a long snout, like that of a crocodile, was something that he was immensely proud of. B. Walkeri was a great “fishersaur”. He prowled the waterways. searching for his next meal. Many other dinosaurs respected him for his hunting skills.
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What did he look like?

Our dear friend Baryonyx was an unusual dinosaur. He had a jaw that resembles a crocodile's. It was specialized to eat fish and other water organisms. His arms were used to ripe apart the 10 foot fish that were his favorite dish, into smaller pieces to fit in his mouth.

His Legacy

Many of us are sorrowful of his death. Still, he would be proud, that some of his genes still survive. Crocodiles are the new Baryonyx. They are masters of hunting in the waters. He would be proud that he is in museums to be marveled at by great crowds. In truth, Baryonyx lived a happy, and magnificent life.

Help Save His Legacy!

Crocodiles are all thats left of B. Walkeri. But they are going extinct. Help protect the crocodiles by donating money!

His Funeral

Wednesday, April 16th 3141 at 12am

314159265 Extinction Road, Dorking, England

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