How to Become President

The steps and requirements to become president of the U.S.


  • MUST be either a natural born citizen
  • or have lived in the U.S. for 14 years if you went somewhere else for any amount of time.
  • I suggest that you live in the U.S. until 45 years so you have more experience and don't have to come back for 15 more years

Step 1-Primaries and Caucuses

  • 100's of people each year run for president.
  • They all don't like the way the government is currently run.
  • People in the same political party usually have close to the same ideas.
  • people vote for who they think would be the best candidate that is a primary.
  • Now in a caucus people argue who the best candidate is.
  • I recommend that you have somebody arguing for you at every caucus

Step 2-National Conventions

  • At the convention each of the candidates choose a vice.
  • Both political parties have a National Convention to choose their candidate.
  • I recommend that you choose somebody that you already know really well to be your vice.

Step 3-General Elections

  • For the general election people across the country vote for 1 president/Vice
  • People vote for the Electors
  • I recommend that you make a lot of good ads to support your campaign.

Step 4-Electoral College

  • All the states each get a different number of representatives but the same number of senate.
  • California has the most representatives because they are the largest state.
  • Whichever candidate gets to 270 electoral college votes first is the winner.
  • Both the president and vice would be introduced in January
  • I recommend that you go to every state. You would get more votes that way