Organic Molecule

Emily Parker

Elements Found in Them*

Carbohydrates - C, H, O & 1:2:1 ratio.

Lipids - C,H,O

Proteins - C, H, O, N

Nucleic Acids - C, H, O, N, P


Carbohydrates - Building Blocks, Monosaccharides, and Glucose.

Lipids - Fatty Acid and Glycerol.

Proteins - Amino Acids.

Nucleic Acids - Nucleotides.


Carbohydrates - Main source of energy for living things.

Lipids - Long term energy storage, cell membranes, and insulation.

Proteins - Storage, structure, signal, contraction, defense, transport, and enzyme.

Nucleic Acids - Our heredity info has info to help cells make protein.

Nucleic Acids