Patriot Points 5/31

Staff News


Independence students possess a solid foundation for the next steps in their journey through life.


Independence Elementary believes that nothing is more important than children. We are continually committed to the social, emotional, and academic development of every child. Our school is a safe, challenging, caring, and supportive environment where teachers, parents, students, and community members work together to ensure all Independence students have a solid foundation for life. We strive to make the learning experiences at Independence fun and engaging while holding everyone accountable for reaching his or her highest potential.

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Included in this weekly bulletin is a comprehensive listing of events, meetings and FYI. Anyone that needs something disseminated to the entire faculty should send the information to Ms. King by Thursday at 5:00pm. The publication is for faculty and staff use only. Please read carefully and govern yourselves accordingly.

Quote of the Week


Patriot Honors

Thanks to the following for helping supply the goodies for our "Take Me out to the Ballgame" dinner:

Debbie Keener

Texas Roadhouse

Hampton and Christy Hager

Joseph and Nichole Hedgepeth

Jason Freeman

Sean and Goldie McGee

Health Room News

Letters to remind parents to pick up any medications that were left w/the school nurse need to be retrieved by a parent or guardian by end of day on Thursday, 6/2/16. Any remaining meds will be destroyed. If a teacher is unsure who had meds, contact me. There will be many parents in school for awards, etc & this is a good time to remind them to see me.


PLC Chairs

Let me know by 6/3 who will be the chair on your PLC next year.

K- Balding





5- Miller



*You should have access to Canvas and the Canvas calendar for your PLC. If not, let me know and I will add you.

From Patton:

Teachers, you will be receiving a bag on Monday to hold all of your technology equipment. This will be the same procedure as in the past. Be sure your bag is labeled with your name and room number. As you unhook things, try to label them, so it will be easier to put things back together again in August. Here is the list of things you will be turning in:


Elmo Remote

Elmo cords

Elmo Slate

TV Remote

VCR Remote

Front Row Box

Front Row Power Cables


iPad (Unless you want to keep it for the summer)

Laptop (Unless you want to keep it for the summer)

Promethean remote

Promethean Board Power Cable

Promethean Slate

iPad Chargers

Be sure that all batteries are removed from remotes.

Teachers, I have discarded several hundred books: easy, fiction and non-fiction. Please plan to stop by starting on Monday to take any that you might want in your classroom.


We do not know which rooms will be painted this summer. If you have special requests, write them on your check out sheet.

Literacy Update


Math Notes of Importance


Winthrop Partnership News


Summer PD Opportunities

Weekly Agenda


No School!! :)


8:15 - 4th Grade Awards

9:00 - 2nd & 3rd Grade Awards

1st Grade - Field Study


8:30 K5 Awards

9:00 - Hager Awards

Half Day


8:30 5th Grade Ceremony

*If you are attending the Staff Celebration Tonight, you can leave at 1:00 today.


Breakfast at Cracker Barrel - Optional

Staff Check Out - Schedule will be announced

Saturday @ The Lake at Turner's :)

Staff Birthdays


13 - Churchill

20 - Hathaway

Upcoming Dates to Remember:


31 - First Grade to Gardens

31 - 8:15 - 4th Grade Awards, 9:00 - 2nd & 3rd Grade Awards


1 - Half Day

8:30 Kindergarten Awards (In rooms)

2 - Half Day - 5th Grade Celebration

8:30 5th Grade Awards (Cafeteria)

Teachers, please make plans for the students to eat breakfast in your classrooms today.

5th grade students will march through the halls at 8:30am to the cafeteria for our ceremony today. All students and teachers should line the hallways as usual from the ramp to 4th grade, through the library, on to 2nd/3rd grade hall, to 1st grade, at 8:25. The march will begin on the fifth grade hallway at 8:30 so our parents who are a little late can get to their seat.

3 - Last Day for Teachers - Check Out

To do:

  • Email Hathaway & copy King with Date/Time/Location of Summer PLC PD hours
  • Have access to Essentials and Common Formative Assessment(s) for Summer PLC conference - This will be updated with more specifics as we learn what we need from the DO.
  • Email King after you complete the physical activity survey in the memo above. (Kindergarten through 5th grade)
  • Clean out your box in the workroom.

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