Reviving Goa's Family Farms

Can ancestral farmland become productive again?

Looking to make your farm productive and sustainable again?

The recent trends of food inflation, declining quality of fresh food and financial incentives for agriculture have many people wondering whether they can bring back their traditional family farms. But in a scenario where the basic infrastructure and services required for enabling agriculture has vanished, this is easier said than done.
In this workshop we help participants evaluate whether growing food on their farms can be made productive and sustainable again. We aim to help identify the various challenges you're likely to face and suggest practical solutions for overcoming them.

Presented by Miguel Braganza, Yogita Mehra and Karan Manral for the Botanical Society of Goa.

Topics we will cover

  • What are the key challenges to reviving family farms? Labour issues? Costs of inputs? Lack of technical know-how? Capital expenses? No market for produce..?
  • Where should I start? For a generation that has been away from agriculture, a checklist of things to consider is an important first step
  • What can I grow easily? What you grow needs to be decided based on your soil, locations, preferences and ease-of-growing
  • Where can I source my inputs from? Organic inputs aren’t available everywhere so sourcing them can become a problem.
  • What can I do with my surplus? The sale of farm surplus is an important step towards farm sustainability, but it’s not easy

Unfortunately we're NOT providing free labour, farm consultancy, and farming subsidies :-)

WORKSHOP: Reviving Family Farms

Sunday, July 15th 2012 at 2:45-6:45pm

Dona Paula, Panaji, Goa, India

Panaji, GA

  • Pre-registration compulsory. Call or SMS 99606-43245 or 99606-43250 to pre-register.
  • Registration Fee, Rs. 500 per head.

Presented by the ICG and the Botanical Society of Goa

The International Centre, Goa was conceived as a forum to bring together thinkers, scholars, academics, achievers, sociologists, industrialists and creative people from India and around the world. It partners with the Botanical Society of Goa to create greater awareness and interest in the promotion of agriculture and organic food in Goa.