Analog Vs Digital

By: Ethan Fluhr

3 Examples of Analog

  1. Analog clock: The analog clock is an example because it is not exact and its value could vary in many different ways. For ex: The hour hand could be between 11 and 12 and the minute hand half a tick until it reaches six. This could be interpreted in different ways because it is in-between two values and you can't exactly be exact when the minute hand is half a tick until six.
  2. Thermometer: The thermometer is an example because when you take the thermometer out of a mouth or any other thing it is between different numbers with lines in-between. These lines are to show for example, 52 or 56. The problem with this is when it is between the lines that are between the numbers on the thermometer because not all things are gonna meet up at the lines. So, these numbers could be interpreted in many ways therefore making it an example.
  3. Analog button on a controller (picture): This is an example because in any direction in your range because its 360 capability. This capability lets go anywhere instead of only being restricted to up, down, left and right. Therefore making it vary in value.

3 Examples of Digital

  1. CD: A CD is an example because it converts something ( most likely music, video games, or movies) into a long pattern of 1s and 0 s which will then be read by a CD reader and then convert back into analog in which we then hear.
  2. NES console: The NES console is an example because they used eight bit per second and was very blocky and did not have any varying colors.
  3. Digital clock: This is an example because unlike the analog clock, it has an exact time and cannot be interpreted in different ways.

3 Differences Between Analog and Digital

  1. Analog can vary in value and is continuous where digital is exact and ends.
  2. Analog records sound as it is rather than digital turning the sound into a pattern of 0's and 1's.
  3. The Analog waves are more smooth and inexact where digital is stairght an exact. Like a slide and stairs. (picture)

3 Reasons Why Analog or Digital is Better Than The Other

  1. Analog is better for a video game because it has better video and sound because it is able to vary in color and be smoother and faster since it is not exact and discreet.
  2. Digital is better because it draws less power meaning more game time. Since it is exact and not smooth.
  3. Analog is better because it doesn't have to convert a sound or video into bits and then convert it back so it is faster to store something analogically than digitally.

What I would pick

I would pick Analysts g because the controls are better, the video and sound quality would be smoother. Also as a gamer, it would be cool to show the new looking characters and also have them duel it out. Using analog for the new game is an overall great idea and I suggest that you do it. It is also cheaper. Even though it would take longer to save it would take longer to load.


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