Skechers Component Project

By: Ryan Grandison

About Skechers

Founded in 1983, Skechers makes an effort to maintain a trendy and stylish brand image by using celebrity-driven advertising. The company offers two distinct footwear categories: a lifestyle division that includes the charity line BOBS and Relaxed Fit comfort shoes, and a performance division that includes Skechers GOrun and GOwalk footwear. The company also offers branded apparel, bags, watches, eyewear and additional merchandise. Skechers has an extensive network of global distributors that sell its product in over 120 countries and territories, and nearly 900 SKECHERS stores around the world.


Skechers designs and sells a broad assortment of footwear for men, women and children in more than 100 countries. Its core demographic consists of 12- to 24- year-old fashion and brand-conscious consumers.


Designed and marketed as lifestyle footwear for men, women and children, and performance footwear for men and women under several lines. In addition to Skechers-branded lines, the Company also offers a branded junior line for many sports and athletic use.


Skechers has a broader product assortment, more diversified customer base, wider geographic distribution, and more efficient supply chain, and it would be hard to pin point one point.


"Skechers' Strength sneaker combines great looks and classic comfort courtesy of a generous comfort midsole and a sporty look that begs to be taken out for a walk." "Rock out this weekend in the Strength walking shoe from Skechers.''

This shows that skechers is a sporty shoe and used for athletic purposes.

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Toning Shoes

Sporting Shoes

Casual Shoes


A pair of shoes can help you burn more calories, tone your butt, banish cottage cheese thighs, and curb joint pain.

What Skechers Has To Offer


Price: $29.94 - $91.99 Shoes

Clothing: $11.94 - $49.99

Accessories: $3.99 - $25.99

Skechers Distribution Center

Skechers distribution center