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Christmas Tea notes for September 20

Looking Ahead and Upcoming Meetings


November 20: Christmas Tea...please plan on bringing comfy clothes to wear once the tea is over to stay and help clean up!

December 4:
SAS Christmas Party with a $20 gift exchange (no gift cards) time & place to be determined. This is not a "White Elephant" exchange.

Please do your best to make all of our SAS meetings. Tosha has a heart for women’s ministry and helping women feel connected. Work as a team and love on one another by building relationships. Bring friends to SAS nights. We may go back to having event teams, but will be something to discuss further at a later time!


Tea Committees

Drinks: RaChelle

Servers: Deb (who wants to help Deb?)

Hang-out/Mingle: Anita, Amber, Jill...12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt with a prize “Where is it?” throughout the night can be found in warehouse or worship center.

Mingle Christmas game (30 minutes)

Food: Stacey/Val

Tables: Michelle and Liz

Registration: Ashley, Deb, Regina, Brandy Easterday

Holiday Trivia: Kari, Jessica, Jennifer

Coat Check-in: Brandy Earles


Important Information Discussed

  • Theme... “12 Days of Christmas”

  • We will have a Mingle time with 12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt

  • We will use clear plastic cups and plates

  • Buffet style for food

  • Coat check-in...hangers with tags

  • 22 on SAS hosting a table; 6 not on SAS hosting a table (We need 35 table hosts)

  • Make sure to tell Liz & Michelle what your theme ASAP!

  • Projected that we will have 35 tables

  • Marshfield ladies to host?...Jess will check on ladies from Marshfield

  • No boutique at the tea

  • Possible photo booth

  • Food: $11 per plate cost (includes entree, salad, vege, starch, & dessert)

  • Hostess must have the following for their table:

Theme, Round Table Cloth...must be cloth, charger or place math to go under your plates, drinking glasses/goblet, tea cup or coffee cups, silverware, cloth napkins (optional), some source of light (tall candles burn fast) may want battery operated or fire (we do not have extension cords, small inexpensive gift for each person at your table, please do not feel you have to spend a lot of money.

Optional ideas: Salt/Pepper, Bottle of Creamer, sugar

  • Set up can tentatively start on Wednesday, November 18 at 6:00-8:00 (Tosha will check) and for sure onThursday 19 during the day must be completed by 6:00 pm

If you have a tall center piece let Tosha know for seating in back so people can see around.

  • Themes already taken so far:

Liz: Blue Winter Wonderland, Tosha: Fall, Deb...Brown Burlap;, Shauna...Lucy & Ethel; Susan...Silver Bells; Brandy...Hot Air Balloon; Jill...Royals; Lisa...Architectural; Amy P…Santa & Elves; Angie...Woodsy Snowmen, Brandy E...Beach, Leann & Nancy...Red; Amber...Nautical, Anita...Vintage Hats; Regina...Breast Cancer Awareness; Nikki...Art; Kari…#Selfie; Patti...Nativity; Brooke...Barnhouse/Farm