Fourth Grade: Specials Spotlight

Third Quarter 2016-2017

Exploratory Team

The teachers of these exploratory classes are committed to inspire the creative genius in all students through art, technology, library media, music, counselor and physical education.


In our library classes this quarter students reviewed some library vocabulary terms and their definitions while playing Library Lingo. We talked about Melvil Dewey and his contribution to libraries everywhere through his creation of the Dewey Decimal Classification System. We reviewed his ten categories and enjoyed singing a song to honor him. Students worked in small groups putting nonfiction call numbers in order. We previewed some of the books that were coming to our Spring Scholastic Book Fair. We had fun reading McElligot’s Pool in celebration of Read Across Riverview Week and Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Students tested their memory of Dr. Seuss book titles by completing a crossword puzzle. Just a reminder for students who chose to participate in the William Allen White Reading Program this year -- the deadline to submit reading logs is April 7th. No reading logs will be accepted after that date. A copy can be found on the William Allen White Reading Program tab of my website at We will be voting for our favorite in April.


As 3rd quarter began, 4th graders were finishing paintings in the style of Paul Klee. I introduced ATC or artist trading cards to 4th graders during the 3rd quarter. Artist Trading Cards are 2 1⁄2 by 3 1⁄2 inches in size, the same format as modern trading cards (hockey cards or baseball cards). They are self-made unique works of art, exchanged and collected by the people who participate in the collaborative performance. Just in time for Spring Break, students finished up painting with a folk art flair and Grant Wood's style. We discussed regionalism and applied a lot of patterns to these beautiful landscapes.


3rd quarter for 4th grade brought a lot of excitement. The students began learning about the tradition of folk dancing. We will continue to learn more of the traditional dance steps and have fun creating our own dances during the last quarter of music. We also began playing recorders again. 4th graders will learn to play many more notes and learn more about reading music with this year’s recorder unit. During our last quarter, we will continue to incorporate our recorder songs with other instruments as accompaniment, and even some improvisation!


The fourth graders created their Google Slides Presentation for conferences this quarter. We hope you enjoyed them! The transition from PowerPoint to Slides wasn't that difficult...just figuring out where things are and missing a few of the options.

We also dove into Excel. Students have been given a fictitious budget of $150. They must purchase two days worth of clothing items, including shoes for a needy child about their age. We started by setting up a simple formula to help us stay within budget. The kids have new respect for how much things cost! Later on we will create a quick chart to analyze where our money went.

Towards the end of the quarter we will finish up with Internet safety and coding using the Ozobot Robots PTA purchased for us.


We began third quarter learning some new warm-ups, such as “four corner fitness”, “rock paper scissors relay”, “rolling rocks”, and “timed run”. We spent some time learning and talking about how to live a healthy lifestyle by choosing the right foods to eat. We did an activity where students had to put the food items in the correct food group, and they did such an awesome job! Some foods can be tricky, but after learning more and discussing with others, they all did a great job working together to figure out what foods belong to what food groups. A big portion of the quarter was spent practicing jump rope. When we first began jump roping, I was very impressed with the amount of skill the students had! I have spoken with many adults that have said they wished they learned how to jump rope at a younger age. I am thankful that I am able to teach this age of kids and can help them learn skills that will help them all throughout their lives! Jump rope is a great cardiovascular skill, and you don’t need to do much before realizing that you are getting some great exercise. The most important thing was that the students did not give up. My favorite thing about the jump rope unit was seeing how motivated the students got. We tried jump roping for a full minute without stopping or making mistakes, and many students got to sign the “1 Minute Jump Rope Club”. Seeing how motivated students were to make it was so inspiring! Another unit was focused on kicking and soccer style skills. Once again, I was very impressed with their hard work! We did activities such as continuous kickball, sideline soccer, steal the ball, and soccer golf. Towards the end of the quarter, the students climbed the rock wall and cargo net. I was very proud of them for remembering the importance of safety and really taking it very seriously. They did an awesome job of keeping their bodies close to the rock wall and cargo net, which took a lot of strength. The words for each week were: potential, healthy lifestyle, challenge, mindset, perseverance, endurance, and flexibility. I am looking forward to fourth quarter and a strong finish to a great year!


Happy fourth quarter. Time has flown by. This quarter we will be finishing our Too Good for Drugs units. Their purple workbooks will be coming home with them so they can share what they have learned. The rest of the time we will be reading and learning the 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. I would like to remind everyone that all community service hours need to be recorded, hours totaled, and turned into me no later than April 7th. If you are in need of addition logs please let me know. The window for community service hours is April 2016-April 2017. Again, please email me with any questions. I look forward to an exciting new quarter.

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