Career Changers

By Ben LaMaster

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Tip #1 Analysis

The first thing you need to think about is why you want/need to change jobs. It's usually because something interests you more, you need more money to support you, or you simply don't like the job you have at the moment.
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Tip #2 Research

So the next thing you need to do is some independent research. Doing research will not only help you on the job but help you with getting the job. During the interview usually the interviewer is going to ask if you did and research on the company and if you did it gives a good edge.
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Tip #3 Education

Education is one of the most important thing when it comes to the workforce. Depending on your job having a education helps especially on the job but also in the interview education give you yet another advantage.

Tip #4 Networking

Networking can help you with communicating with people in the workforce and help you with job leads. It can help with your research too, because you can get some inside information from workers that are working at the job you are looking at.

Tip #5 Experience

Having experience means that you have worked a previous job that had done the same, or close to the same, thing you are going to do at your new job. Also you could foreshadow someone working at the job you are looking at.
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Tip #6 Savings

When you are going to change jobs you need to make sure you have some money saved away so if things go wrong you have something to fall back on. The minimum you need to save is about six months salary.
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Tip #7 Skill Analysis

Skill Analysis involves finding a job with the skill set you already have. This will help because you will have experience with the job at hand and won't have to worry about knowing nothing about how to do the job, training, and learning something new .

Tip #8 Consideration

Always remember to not talk bad after you leave a company. This can cause your new employer to think that if you ever leave them you are going to do the same. Just keep an open mind and be optimistic.