Holmquist Elementary

February 22nd - February 26th

Kimberly's Message

Welcome Week 26. We are making plans for the final 9 weeks of school. The last 9 weeks of school are extremely busy. Please review your staff calendar daily and plan accordingly. I will try my best to communicate schedule changes and important information. in the weekly Smore and through email. We have had several district walk throughs and the feedback given was very positive. Thank you for doing your best for our school and students! A special thank you to everyone that participated in Health and Fitness night. Staff, students and parents all had a great time and everyone that stayed will receive a special treat for your participation! Enjoy your weekend and continue to be your very BEST in everything you do and say!

Field DAY

Field Day will be on Thursday, March 10th and Friday, March 11th! We are making slight changes to Field Day at Holmquist this year! Coach Foster and Coach Sallee have been working hard to make field day an enjoyable experience for students and staff.

  • Teachers will attend field day with their students
  • Each grade level will have field day for about 2 hours
  • Each grade level will have a different colored shirt - Don't forget to order your field day shirt
  • Students will have SAC lunches on these days
  • ILT, Paras, ICS and all other non-classroom teachers will need to sign up for a time to volunteer at field day
  • Students will receive a frozen treat to cool down
  • Activities will be outside and gym
  • There will not be block classes on field day. Teachers will pair up to get a break during the day
  • Field Day will end with a movie for all grade levels

More information will be given soon!

Upcoming Events

February 29th - Team Leader Meeting

February 29th - CP 1st Grade

March 1st - Early Voting Site at Holmquist

March 1st - Numeracy Professional Development facilitated by Ms. Hite

March 1st - Math DCA 3rd and 4th

March 2nd - Reading DCA 3rd and 4th

March 10th - Field Day

March 11th - Field Day

March 14th - March 18th - Spring Break

Weekly Calendar

Monday, February 22nd

EDC 111

Staff Meeting - Do not schedule appointments

Math Specialist Meeting

3rd Grade CP Reading/SS

Tuesday, February 23rd

EDC 112

Science Specialist Meeting

Math Specialist Meeting

E-Colors at Holmquist

4th Grade CP Reading/SS

Wednesday, February 24th

EDC 113

Wear Red with Jeans

AP Meeting

STAAR/CTC/Telpas Training

ABC Meeting

E-Colors at Holmquist

2nd Grade CP Math/Science

Thursday, February 25th

EDC 114

CP Kinder

Friday, February 26th

EDC 115

Writing Samples Due??? 3 Samples per teacher, student name, Grade and teacher name

Kimberly at DL Meeting 2 p.m.

Go Texan Day- Wear Rodeo Attire - Students and Staff

Saturday, February 27th

Writing Camp

Building will be Open

Happy Birthday Ms. Esparza

S.T.O.I.C Model - Are You having Management Issues? READ BELOW

In Alief ISD we have wide and varying degrees of cultures, so what must we do to help all children be successful at school? If we wish schools to welcome all students, staff members must develop "cultural competence." This is an awareness of and respect for different cultures. Cultural competence can be exhibited by utilizing the S.T.O.I.C. Model as it is a universal language for all students. Teaching all of our students to transition from home to school (high structured) requires skillful classroom management. The S.T.O.I.C. model is a variable staff members can manipulate to increase chances of students behaving in a safe and civil manner.

  • S. Structure school setting for success:
  • Carefully structure settings in ways to promote responsible student behavior.
  • T. Teach (and re-teach):
  • Behavioral expectations to students. Those who know better do better.
  • O. Observe and monitor:
  • Monitor closely. Use proximity as a tool.
  • I. Interact Positively with students:

Maintain a high ratio of positive interactions. Focus on the behaviors you

want to see repeated and not just negative behaviors. A few simple ways to

increase positive interactions: Greet students at the door; Show interest in

their likes, such as sports, music, afterschool activities.

  • C. Correct fluently: Respond fluently, calmly, and consistently. Use pre-planned one-liners if necessary.

By following the S.T.O.I.C. acronym, you can educate students about the behaviors and attitudes needed for the classroom. Skillfully and respectfully guiding students toward successful classroom behavior doesn’t devalue other beliefs, customs, practices, and social behavior. If classroom behaviors are new or different for the student, it is simply "the way we do it at school."

Shout Outs

  • Our school is tied in 1st place with the most people registered for the District Parent event. Way to go Ms. Moran. Our parent volunteers are also increasing and we currently have male volunteers
  • Saturday school was a huge success. Thank you to all of the teachers, ILT members and paras for taking time out to help our students improve their writing
  • I believe that our level of success on TELPAS calibration is the highest in the district. I know you will be off campus on Friday, but I wanted to make sure that it wound up in the News and Notes. They asked us what we did. Way to go Siddiqui and Cavazos!

  • Ms. Rios made a great video of her 4th grade team having fun and working as a team during Health Night

  • Ms. Day for providing her team with breakfast for their help at fitness night.

  • A special thank you to all teachers that tutor students after school - I appreciate you

  • Dr. Reyna for his dedication to ensuring that students are following expectations in the cafeteria during bus dismissal

  • Mr. Gonzalez for helping our school become more tech savvy! Tech Day was a success

  • Teachers for their professional attitude and diligence on Telpas Calibration

  • Content and Support for helping to monitor during Telpas Calibration

  • Teachers were prepared for STAT this week

  • Administration for supporting Telpas and Curriculum Alignment

  • Ms. Guerra, Ms. Dennis and helpers for a great Perfect Attendance Celebration

  • Great job Robin for organizing Health and Fitness night!

    Good morning! I’d like to give a few shout outs from last night. from Robin Waak

    · Thank you to Ms. McElyea for taking the initiative to block off the driveway for the fun run and for starting all our races.

    · Thank you to Mr. Gonzalez for coming to me several times this week to see if I needed help with anything. I really appreciate you!

    · Thank you to Ms. Lisa Washington for helping me with the food for the snack station. She stepped up and went to buy more grapes for me so I could continue getting things ready for the evening.

    · Thank you to the Ms. Tracy, Ms. Huynh, Ms. Hite, Ms. Castillo and Mr. Tobon for taking on the heart/lung model. And for making me laugh in the process!

    · Thank you to Ms. Quezada and the rest of the fourth grade team for an AWESOME station. They really went above and beyond what I asked them to do! They even incorporated technology into their activity.

    · Thank you to the Kindergarten team for taking on the snack station. I threw in the flags for the race cars at the last minute and they took it on without a problem. There was a lot going on in that room and they didn’t have a second to relax between cutting apples, flags, washing grapes, filling baggies, so thank you for all your hard work with that!

    · Thank you to Ms. Tandon for always being willing to teach Bollywood dancing. I know the kids love it and the staff does, too!

    · Thank you to Ms. Hudson for volunteering to teach yoga. I love being able to offer different types of physical activities for the students to chose.

    · Thank you to the 2nd grade team for working together to make the craft station a success. Thanks to the teachers that stayed after 7 to get Ms. Cheng’s room cleaned up!

    · Thank you to the 3rd grade team for helping with the fitness stations in the gym and the cafeteria. I walked by at one point and saw several teachers shooting a basketball. I know the kids love it when the teachers are participating! Also, thanks for helping Foster and Sallee with the push up contest.

    · Thank you to content and support for taking on 3 jobs last night- sign in, prize table, and fun run. I appreciate you guys being willing to spread out and do many different things!

    · Thank you to Ms. Upshaw for controlling the kiddos that were watching the fun run and keeping them near the start/finish lines.

    · Thank you to Ms. Monroy for taking on the writing station by herself. I mentioned the idea to her and she ran with it!

    · Thank you to Mr. Ponder for all of your offers to help. I appreciate having teammates that I know I can count on.

    · Thank you to Ms. Deal for helping with the snack station. I learned a lot about you and your taste in music while we got your room ready! J

    · Thank you to Ms. Wells for helping with the fun run. Some of those races were close and it was tough to decide who got first!

    · Thank you to Ms. Cheng for helping to find supplies for the craft room.

    · Thank you to Ms. Cavazos for making announcements about the fun run. I can always count on you to do that for me!

Physical Restraint

At my principal meeting they wanted us to remind all staff members to refrain from physically restraining or grabbing students to get them to comply. If the student is not causing imminent danger to themselves or someone on else, then restraint or physical interaction should be the last result.

Early Voting

Early voting is happening now in Houston! Please make sure you take the opportunity to vote. Voting gives everyone a voice, but you must vote in order to vote.

March 1st Holmquist will be an early voting site. Please make sure students are supervised this day.

Accelerated Reader

Classes that are currently in 1st Place.

3rd Grade - Ms. Kucharski

4th Grade - Ms. Johnson

Congratulations! 3rd and 4th grade let's encourage our students to read and take AR tests. It is a great motivator!