3rd Grade Distant Learning

May 25th - May 29th

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Letter to Parents

Dear Third Grade Parents/Guardians,

Distance Learning Plan Sheet: Your child will still receive the Distance Learning Plan Sheet along with all of the work for that particular week. It is organized by day but you are welcome to complete the work as it works for you and your schedule throughout the week.

Daily Check-In/Attendance: Please continue to check in daily with your child's teacher in one of the following ways: send an email to the teacher or send a REMIND note to the teacher daily.

Thank you so much!

Love, Third Grade Teachers

Specialist Teacher Contact Info


Sherry Miller - sherry.miller@myprowler.org (681-2345 ext. 3409)

Margaret Miller - margaret.miller@myprowler.org (681-2345 ext. 3512)


Brett Johnson - brett.johnson@myprowler.org (681-2345 ext. 3763)

Todd Prickett - todd.prickett@myprowler.org (681-2345 ext. 3764)


Beth Heikkila - beth.heikkila@myprowler.org (681-2345 ext. 3717)

Ken Wiggs - ken.wiggs@myprowler.org (681-2345 ext. 3722)

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is it to respond to the attendance/check-in each day?

VERY IMPORTANT. If I do not hear from a child/family, that student will be counted as absent for that day.

How much time should my child be spending on work each day?

Challenger students should expect 1-2 hours of work per school day. If it takes a little more or less that is just fine.

Can my child do more than what is listed on the learning sheet for each day?

Absolutely! The 3rd Grade Distance Learning Plan is a recommended schedule for students to follow. If your child would rather do two days of work in one day, that's fine! If your child wants to finish their work for the week as soon as possible so they have some free days, that's fine too! The end goal is for every third grader to have completed what is listed on the learning plan by the end of Friday each week. When they want to complete that work is up to them and their families.

There are extra pages in weekly packets? Does my child need to finish all of them?

We have added extra pages for those students who would like more to do. Please complete what is listed on the Distance Learning Card for the week. The rest is for your child to do if they’d like more. This includes the Math Workbook. Also, anything your child does not complete at this time they can do over the summer.

How will my child submit work?
You can submit your child's work in one of the following ways:
-Take a daily picture of all the work together and sent it to your child's teacher.
-Take a picture of the Distance Learning Card at the end of the week and sent it to your child’s teacher.
-Send a message to your child’s teacher stating that your child has completed the work.

**The third grade teachers want you to do what works best for you and your family.**

What do I do with my child's finished work?

After your child has completed the work AND you have sent a picture/message to your child’s teacher, it is up to you what to do with it. You can keep it, throw it or set it aside. Teachers do not need the work back.

What is the best way to contact your teacher during distance learning if I have questions on student work, materials, policies, etc.?
The best way to contact your teacher during this time will be through Remind or email.

What if I have questions about my child's PE/music/science work?

The best thing to do is email your child's specials teacher, as assignments for PE, music, and science were created by them.

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