Action Plan for SCHS

Audra Hodges Johnson


Students with Disabilities (EC Occupational Course of Study) and a three to four year incorporation of technology to assist students in becoming career ready. At SCHS there are over 100 students with disabilities. In the OCS program there are 15. These students graduate with an OCS diploma. This plan can help the students transition into post-secondary education or workforce.


OCS students will establish career readiness for their selected careers by the end of their 11th grade year in order to be placed in a paid employment setting.

Resources Needed

Resources: iPad, laptop, Internet access, Time-Clock software, PAES Lab inventory, Premier Assisted Technology, Google Apps, Haiku Learning Management System, Resume Wizard, all school staff and faculty including technology facilitator and admin support

Time: Students, Parents, EC department, Technology Department and Core Teachers

Additional People: Community employers, Vocational Rehabilitators

No additional training required

Most resources are provided by school or are on-line free resources.

The addition of 3-5 iPad’s ($480.00 a piece) would help the EC department and could be purchased through EC funds or grants.

Plan Layout

Freshmen Year:

-Complete Job Skills and Interest Inventory on iPad’s

-Use Premier to begin researching careers (using Web articles, Career Cruising, and searches)

-Begin completing basic information sheets on- paper

Sophomore Year:

-Begin working on Career specific resume using Resume Wizard

-Use laptops to re-create information sheets in GoogleDoc’s

-Create their On-line Portfolio using Haiku Learning Management System and GoogleDoc’s

-Become familiar with

-Time-Clock software and the process of working on a schedule and the importance of time management

Junior Year:

-Add to resume with skills obtained in PAES Lab and school-based work skills

-Continue uploading files into their Portfolio and GoogleDoc’s

-Begin school-based work and using Time-Clock software during PAES Lab

Senior Year:

-Completion of Resume (early in Fall semester)

-Completion of Portfolio (Spring semester)

-Completion of hours required for PAES Lab

-Complete on-line applications for desired work placement

-Practice Job interview skills

-Obtain references for resumes

-Email resumes

-Paid-employment job placement to happen by December of senior year

Indicators of Success

-Rubric for Resume and Graduation Portfolio

-Graded on Time-Clock and hours completed (points deducted for tardiness)

-Work supervisor (custodian, office staff, cafeteria, etc) completes a Survey based on students performance in their job placement at school

- Indicators demonstrated will be from observation and work samples

- Mock interviews with staff and community members

Support Needed

This project can be completed in joint support of EC department, technology department, administration and core teachers. This project would be very beneficial to the occupational students and determining transition to post-secondary careers. It will take everyone involved to keep this plan on track for second, third, and fourth year students as well as beginning the process for incoming freshmen. The addition of this plan could change the face of the OCS program and career outlook.