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CGE Weekly Newsletter 3/8/2021

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Welcome to our weekly Gator Bites newsletter! Every Friday evening our team at CGE will send out any important updates for the following week. Our goal is to be prepared, transparent and informative! We appreciate your time and urge you to read through carefully each week- especially during these unconventional virtual learning weeks.

Stay safe, stay informed and stay Gator Strong! 🐊

From the Principal's Desk

Dr. Larry Savage, CGE Principal

In our morning announcements recently, we have been sharing with students “proverbs from around the world.” This week we shared 2 from Russia: “Many hands make light work;” and, “Be swift to hear, slow to speak.”

It’s never too soon to teach your children the power of simple words. Proverbs are a great way to do this. Have a great weekend!

From the Library

Online Book Fair: March 1st-14th

Book Fair -- Week 2: March 1-14th

Please share book fair information with your friends and family! Please help us meet our goal and grow our library collection!

Links you’ll want to check out:

National Reading Month

Find stories and activities on Clever Daily!

From the AIG Department

AIG and Talent Development zoom groups for all grades will be cancelled in March, beginning on March 1st, while Ms. Merilee and Ms. Wilkie complete required testing for students referred for AIG evaluation. We will miss meeting with your children and rest assured we will be working to finish this testing as quickly as possible so that we can begin meeting with your children again.

During this testing period, weekly asynchronous activities will be posted in google classroom or sent to students via their email accounts, to provide independent challenge and enrichment experiences for students.

The families of students previously referred for AIG evaluation will be contacted via email to schedule remote testing sessions.

School Updates

CGE Commemorative Art:

To honor our students during our inaugural year, we at CGE are interested in commissioning a sculpture from a local artist. Do you know of a local artist or business to recommend? Reach out to Laura Dean-

Third Grade Families

Read to Achieve Parent Session

Thank you to the families who attended our RTA Parent Session on Thursday. If you were unable to attend, we recorded the session and are also providing some resources below:

Please contact your students' teacher or our curriculum coach, Erin Boecke, with any additional questions:

CoGat Testing

3rd graders who attend school in-person will begin taking the CogAT Assessment next week. The CogAT is an assessment of reading, math and problem solving skills. Students in A Group will continue taking the assessment on March 8th. Students in B Group will take the assessment March 11th, 12th and 18th. Students who are in virtual academy will be contacted by CCS for the scheduling of remote CogAT testing sessions.

From the Guidance Counselor

Parent Pro Tip:

During Guidance lessons, we have been talking about Growth Mindset. Check out three ways that parents/guardians can instill a growth mindset from Know that this is a process that takes time!

  1. Recognize your own mindset: Be mindful of your own thinking and of the messages you send with your words and actions.

  2. Praise the process: Praising kids for being smart suggests that innate talent is the reason for success, while focusing on the process helps them see how their effort leads to success.

  3. Model learning from failure: When parents talk positively about making mistakes, kids start to think of mistakes as a natural part of the learning process.

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From the Arts Department

Chatham Arts Council- 5th Grade Visits

Fifth grade students will have the opportunity to meet with guest artist, Mike Wiley, during the month of March. Visits will occur during 5th Grade Specials from 8:50-9:35 a.m. The Zoom link will be posted on the CGE Music Page on Clever, Google Classroom, and the Remote Learning Matrix. All visits will be conducted on Zoom. The schedule is posted below for both in-person and VA students.
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CGE Ongoing Information

School Nutrition Update: Curbside Meal Pickup

Curbside meal pick-up will take place at CGE each Wednesday from 10:30 to 1:00 starting on January 13th. Please reach out to our Cafeteria Manager, Ms. Jessica Frye, for questions. Her email address is:

February Menu

Materials Pick Up

Student materials will be available for pick up again starting on Monday March 1st at 9 a.m. Please contact your student’s classroom teacher if you have a question about the materials/resources that need to be collected at our school.

Specials Grading for VA Students

To create consistency in grading K-5 Art, Music and PE classes, all students for quarters 3 and 4 in grades 3-5 district-wide will receive the following feedback on report cards--Proficient, Developing, or No Evidence. For quarters 3 and 4, all students in grades K-2 will receive a 1, 2, 3, or 4 for specials.

Please know that in conversations and in our recent CGE Parent Survey, we heard feedback regarding assessing for Virtual Academy students in our specials’ classes. Specifically, some of our VA parents are really struggling with balancing, home, work, and school demands. We understand. For K-2 students who are unable to consistently attend specials, they will not receive a grade and that section of the report card will be blank. For 3-5 students who are unable to consistently attend specials, they will not receive a grade and that section of the report card will say ‘No Evidence.’

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Student Shout Out!

Congratulations to Blair Hill! Blair has been selected as the 2021 Carson Scholar! CGE is very proud of Blair and her amazing accomplishment! Read more about the Carson Scholarship here: