Pythagoras, one of the most famous ancient Greek philosophers, lived from ca. 570 to ca. 490 BCE. He spent his early life on Samos, an island off the coast of what is now Turkey. At forty years old, he moved to the city of Croton in southern Italy and most of his philosophy work was done there. Pythagoras wrote nothing, and there weren't any detailed accounts of his thought written by other people. By the first centuries BCE, it became fashionable to present Pythagoras in a way that is not historically fashioned like a person who originated all that was true in the Greek philosophy tradition, which included many of Plato's and Aristotle's finished ideas. Many contracts were written by Pythagoras and other Pythagoreans, to support this view. Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher who made important developments in mathematics, astronomy,and the theory of music.

Pythagoras' Theorem

This Theorem relates the lengths of the three sides of any right triangle.

The legs of a right triangle (the two sides of the triangle that meet at the right angle) are customarily labelled as having lengths "a" and "b", and the hypotenuse (the long side of the triangle, opposite the right angle) is labelled as having length "c". The lengths are related by the following equation: a2 + b2 = c2 : This equation allows you to find the length of a side of a right triangle when they've given you the lengths for the other two sides, and, going in the other direction, allows you to determine if a triangle is a right triangle when they've given you the lengths for all three sides.

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How You Can Understand the Pythagorean Theorem

To find the length of side C, you have to know the length of sides a and b, and add them together. a and be are squared. (Use the square root symbol, Maybe on a calculator.)When the triangle has a right angle (90°) and squares are made on each of the three sides, then the biggest square has the exact same area as the other two squares put together. Pythagoras

It is called "Pythagoras' Theorem" and can be written in one short equation:

a2 + b2 = c2

How the Theorem Can be Used in Real Life

You can use the Pythagoras Theorem to find what size T.V you want to buy. You can also use it to help with painting on walls.

If you are picking out a T.V, and if you know the length of two sides, you can figure out how big you want the T.V to be and if it's to big.

If you are Painting on walls and you are making a pattern like the pattern below, you can find the length of two sides of one square and you will know how big to make all the other squares when you are painting.

Character Traits and What Others Think of Pythagoras

Pythagoras was Intelligent, religious, and encouraging. Some people said that he never dealt with mathematics at all so they didn't trust his teachings. People said he was better or he was worse than them, because men and women were meant to be different from each other, sometimes in good ways and sometimes in bad ways.
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