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Tools to Use in the Classroom

National Geographic: Map Maker

Visit National Geographic's Map Maker site to explore interactive world maps with a variety of interesting themes, such population density or volcanic eruptions. There are also printable maps in black and white for use in the classroom. Be sure to explore the top menu bar for variety of unique content, including satellite imaging of islands and glaciers, and a cartoon explaining geography (with a vocabulary list and a short quiz.)

Brain Teasers, Riddles, Trivia, Brain Exercises, Games, Forums and more...

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I Love the Nightlife: Exploring Our Senses

In this activity, children will explore objects and materials by using their five senses. They will think and talk about what information they get from each sense and have fun identifying objects and materials by using one or a combination of their senses. They will be introduced to the science ideas that animals use their senses to help them move about their environments, find food, and avoid predators.

Roots and Stems

Roots do more than just draw water and nutrients into a plant. They also anchor it into the ground. Stems help distribute water and nutrients all over the plant and also support the leaves and flowers.