Harappan Culture

by Ernesto Huerta


  • About 400 symbols make up the language
  • It is impossible to decipher
  • It was put on stamps and seals
  • No inscriptions found that are bilingual


  • They are to be peaceful since conflict was limited
  • Animals are important part of their culture
  • Clay and wooden toys used to show that they were prosperous
  • Uniformity in culture


  • Harapan civilization is closed tied to religion
  • Their culture was a Theocracy
  • Found no temples if they were to worship
  • Civilization maybe worshiped Shiva, a major hindu god.


  • Traded with people in the region
  • The indus river provided a trade route
  • Brightly cotton cloth was a desirable trade
  • Used overland routes to move gods from Persia to Caspian Sea