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3rd Grade

October 28th

A Peak at our Week:


I am very excited to begin our next novel, MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS! This is a fun book that will not only give us plenty of laughs but will also challenge the students with new vocabulary and reading skills. Each week we plan to read 2 chapters from the book. Each week we will test vocabulary and story comprehension. The students are allowed to bring their books home any time and the tests are all open book :)


We are working in TOPIC 9 in the math textbook. This chapter deals with fact families and division/multiplication. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.


This week we will begin to give TIMED TESTS OVER MULTIPLICATION FACTS! These are not graded but students can earn a sundae at our 3rd grade ice cream party. Each mastered fact will add another topping to the sundae. The first test will be over the 2's. They will be given 1 and 1/2 minutes to complete 30 problems. They need to have ZERO errors to move onto the next test. They will be retested until they get 100%.

Please continue to encourage and help your child memorize multiplication facts. They have created flash cards that they can bring home any day as long as they remember to bring them back to school.

Social Studies:

This week we will learn about the MIDWEST REGION. Students will be adding this region to their region books and will have the following information:

1. The states in each region

2. Where they are located on a map

3. The climate of the region

4. Land forms associated with the region

5. Landmarks

The quiz for the Midwest REGION is this Thursday.

Important School Dates:

October 24th: End of the Quarter

October 25th: No School, Teacher Planning

October 30th: Health Screening at TCE

October 31st: Report Cards will be posted on HAC

October 31st: Fall Centers (email Mrs. Kerfoot if you can volunteer)

Resource Schedule THIS WEEK.

Oct. 28

Monday: Nothing

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: ART

Thursday: PE


Wish List

*Clear packing tape

*Copy paper

*Prize box treats and prizes

*Beach towels! The weather is getting beginning to cool down and I would love take our lesson outside! If you have any old beach towels you could donate for the kids to sit on it would be greatly appreciated!


Dear Family,

Your child is using fact families to learn division facts. A fact family has

one or two multiplication facts and one or two division facts that use the

same three numbers.

Your child is learning to divide by the numbers 2 through 9 and to follow

rules for 0 and 1. Here are two activities to help your child practice division

and multiplication facts.

Fun with Fact Families

Step 1 Have Player 1 and Player 2 each pick a number from

1 through 9 and say the number aloud.

For example,

Player 1 says “6” and Player 2 says “8.”

Step 2 Player 1 then says a multiplication fact that includes both

numbers. (6 × 8 = 48)

Step 3 Player 2 says a related division fact. (48 ÷ 6 = 8)

Step 4 Continue until the entire fact family has been used; then

start again.

Find the Missing Number

Materials paper, pencil

Step 1 Write a division sentence using a number from

1 to 9 as the divisor, but leave out one of the numbers.

For example: ________ ÷ 6 = 3.

Step 2 Ask your child to fill in the missing number. Encourage

your child to tell you how he or she solves the problem.