Woodrow Wilson

The President we need

The Goals Wilson Will Achieve

  • Lowering of Tariffs
  • More stringent antitrust laws
  • Introduction of income tax
  • Direct Election of the United States Senators
  • Strict Federal regulations for railways, express, telephone, and telegraph companies
  • Safeguarding of rights of organized labor
  • Industrial, agricultural, and vocational education

Wilson as a Citizen

Woodrow Wilson is ambitious man that is determined to help the country. He struggled since was born with poor eyesight and possible dyslexia, but he fought through it and became the man he is today. As a child he wasn't able to receive much education let alone good education since he father was his only educator. This part of the reason why Wilson is determined to give children a good Industrial, agricultural, and vocational education. He helped organize the Presbyterian Church of the Confederate states, in which he became leader. In 1910, he was asked by the Democrat Party if he would be governor of New Jersey, he gladly accepted and during his time Wilson called for public utility commission empowered to set rates and supported passage of workers' compensation law to aid the families of workers killer or injured on the job. In 1911, he had caught the eye of one of the nation's progressive leaders, William Jennings Bryan, the leading figure of the Democratic Party.

What He Plans to do

  • Passing acts to reduce importing taxes
  • Starting a Decentralized Bank regulated by the government
  • Taming the Trusts by removing them
  • Authorizing loans to help Farmers
  • Bringing forth new ideas to Foreign Policy
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