Marfan Syndrome

By Alec Richards


    1. Marfan Syndrome is passed down from one of your family member. It affects the connective tissue that supports your organs. it affects your heart, eye's, blood vessels and skelton.


Most of the time Marfan Syndrome is inherited from your parents, But 1 out of 4 cases occurs in people not knowing they family had this disease. Men and women has the same chance of passing this gene to their children. You know you have the disease a birth, but may not be diagnosed until later in their life. Everyone with this disease has the same defective gene but not everyone has the same symptoms.


With all of the research that is going on there is a brighter future with people with Marfan syndrome. They have put in more than $750,000 into finding a way to help people with this disease One of the studies that are going on right now is the process of how this happens at birth.


You know you have Marfan Syndrome, when you are tall but very thin, long arms, legs, fingers, and toes, and you have flexible joints , if you have scoliosis, chest that sinks in or out , flat feet, fluid surround the brain and spinal cords. When you have this eventually your bones of your spine mar wear away. You would feel back pain all of the time abdominal pain have frequent headaches and numb legs.

Test and Treatments

Marfan Syndrome is a disease that can not be cured, but does not change the life expectancy of a normal person with a proper treatment or management. You need to take medicine everyday that might limit your physical activity. You also need to go to a yearly doctor's appointment, as well yearly test to make sure the symptoms are not getting worse. Some people if they cases get really bad need to have emergency surgery, or need to schedule a surgery in case it is not getting too bad but still needs some attention.

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