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May 4, 2015

Lenape Staff Appreciation Lunch

The Lenape Parent Council will be hosting a Staff Appreciation Luncheon at Lenape on Thursday, May 14th. If you would like to help with the lunch - provide an item or volunteer to assist on that day - you may click here to sign up. Many thanks to all who are able to help.


The Lenape Spring Instrumental Concert will be held on Tuesday, May 5th and Wednesday May 6th at 7:00 PM in the auditorium. All are welcome to attend.

Music in the Parks

The annual Music In the Parks Adjudication trip is Friday, May 8, 2015. Lenape music students will be performing at two locations in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Students who need to load large instruments should arrive no later than 5:40 AM. Friday morning. All other students need to arrive by 5:45 AM. We will depart promptly at 6:00 AM. Please arrive at Lenape wearing your performance attire. More details will be given in Monday's Resource trip meeting.

Judy Blume visiting Lenape

For those of you that weren't already aware, legendary author Judy Blume will be visiting Lenape on June 3rd at 6:30 PM. This is a ticketed event presented in coordination with Doylestown Bookshop, and all ticket purchases include a copy of her new book, In the Unlikely Event. Judy will be available to sign books after the presentation. If you are interested, tickets and more information are available here: http://www.doylestownbookshop.com/event/evening-judy-blume

Lenape Art Show

The Lenape Art Show will run from April 27th through May 8th. Artworks created by Lenape students will be on display in the main lobby, the guidance hallway, and the hallway outside of the art rooms. Please come see the fabulous works of art! (Parents are welcome to view the art after school or on the evenings of our spring concerts.)

Attention All 9th Grade Parents

On June 12th, the Lenape Ninth Graders will enjoy a day of fun with classmates at Camp America. That evening, the Freshman Dance will take place in the cafeteria from 7:30-10:00 PM. We are looking for a few parents who would like to organize the evening dance event. If you are interested, please sign up on the link here.

9th Grade Promotion Night

9th Grade Promotion Night will be held on Wednesday, June 17th at CB West High School in the auditorium at 7:00 PM. Students will have to arrive at 6:15 PM. More information to follow.

Central Bucks School District Summer School 2015

2015 Central Bucks Summer School remedial courses will only be available in an online format, through Educere, an online provider. There are no Summer School courses available for initial or enrichment credit, with the exception of Health/PE. Students who wish to take Health/PE in summer school (for either remedial or initial credit) will attend a course taught by a CB instructor, held at CB East High School. Please follow the directions and links below to register for all Summer School courses.


Location: CB East Auxiliary Gym, 2804 Holicong Road, Doylestown, PA 18902

PE60 Summer PE/Health:

60 hours (.5 credit) -- June 29-July 16, Mon-Thurs 9:00AM-2:00PM (12 meeting days), Fee $245

PE30A Summer PE/Health:

30 hours (.25 credit) -- June29-July 7, Mon-Thurs 9:00AM-2:00PM (6 meeting days), Fee $125

PE30B Summer PE/Health:

30 hours (.25 credit) July 8-July 16, Mon-Thurs 9:00AM-2:00PM (6 meeting days), Fee $125

You can register and pay for this course using www.MyPaymentsPlus.com. First, set up a free account, entering your student’s name (you will need his/her Student ID number). Then, log into your new account, select “Extended Learning Program,” select “Summer PE/Health,” and select the specific PE/Health class you want. Enter payment information to complete your registration.


Students remediating courses in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language must register online at:


This link will provide you with a list of all available CB Summer School courses.

· Students may register online from May 1 through June 26, 2015.

· Courses must be completed by August 7, 2015.

· Fee for 1.0 credit course: $195.00.

· You may click on the name of the course to see a course description, and to add the course to your Shopping Cart for purchase.

· When registering, you must enter the course number and the Lenape School Code: V2893T6Q

· Lenape students must also select Mrs. Geanine Saullo as the primary contact person from the drop-down menu. This will provide Lenape with students’ grades and progress information.

· Once registered, students will receive a start-up email from Educere with log-in information and other instructions.

Please contact your child’s Guidance Counselor with any questions or concern

Crossing the Digital Divide: Managing Your Kids' Connected Life

- Obtain all of your child’s passwords and user account names. A good rule
of thumb for monitoring their digital world is to monitor it in the same way
you monitor their “real” life. When you monitor where
they go see who they go with and when.

- Ask your child to take you on a tour of their connected world. Find out the
sites they like to visit and have them show you what they do. Sites that kids commonly use are:
Social Networking Sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Video Posting, such as YouTube, AOL Video

- Monitor their use of the computer and their cell phones. Monitoring software can be helpful in reporting their habitual use of electronic space and what they do there.

- Be mindful of the apps kids use. While they may seem innocent enough, there are several apps that prove to be problematic, such as Kik, Snapchat, Whisper, etc. The web site, www.commonsensemedia.org is a great resource to determine if an app is appropriate for your child.

- Require that all cell phones be charged overnight in a common area of your home. Too many kids continue phone contact throughout the night, disrupting sleep and continuing the drama.

- Periodically check their texts, who they are talking to, and how much time they spend texting and talking. Make a rule that they may not delete information on their phones until you tell them they can or you do so yourself.

- When you monitor their space scrutinize their friends, you should know each and every person on that list. If you don’t, have them explain who that person is, and why they are there. Your child should be able to tell you the full name of their “friend”, how they met them, the context of their relationship, and how often they interact with them. If they cannot do all of the above, get rid of the friend.

- Have ongoing discussions about cyber-bullying with your child. This digital world enables good kids to do bad things. Do not underestimate how destructive humiliation is to a child –keep the linesof communication open.

Remember this: there is no privacy in the electronic world! Virtually everything your child does digitally –via computer or cell phone –can be viewed by others. Remind your child, regularly, they have no privacy in this space. Have a rule of thumb that they should not send anything they would not be comfortable with at least thousands of others seeing it. Some of those viewing could be a future college admissions officer, or human
resource officer.

- Never allow a computer or TV in your child’s bedroom, for any reason. The average kid (8 to 18) spends 7.38 hours per day, 7 days a week, consuming media. When that consumption goes private, in a bedroom, it diminishes your control over that media diet.

- Ask yourself the following questions:
Do they really NEED to have space on a social networking site? What will they gain from this? Do they have the necessary maturity and judgment to use it well?

When is the technology they have too much? Disconnecting kids from the Internet and their computers is not the answer, but do they need to be connected 24/7? When does your child have down time from their digital world? When do they unplug? When do they have quality family time with you, where everyone talks to each other?



This website provides an app that can be utilized on the technology your child uses -
cell phone, Ipad, Ipod, laptop –to monitor their digital speech.

It will provide you with all the texts they send and receive, their social media behavior, who their contacts are, their images, daily usage, etc. Also is a great tool to keep up to date with what is trending among youth.


Great resource! In the parent section, the site provides evaluations of the apps our kids love to use, providing information about age appropriateness, as well as pros and cons of the apps. Also does the same for games, movies, TV, etc. Once you sign onto their website, you will receive a weekly update about trends among media and youth.

Educational Development Services, LLC

Important Upcoming Dates

May 5 & 6 - Spring Instrumental Concerts

May 8 - Music in the Parks Trip

May 13 & 14 – Algebra I Keystone Exam

May 27 & 28 – 6th Graders Visit Lenape for Orientation

June 12- Freshman Day

June 17 - 9th Grade Promotion Night - CB West Auditorium

June 18 - Last Day of School - Early Dismissal - 10:45 A.M.

For more details, please take a look at the calendar on the Lenape website.