How did your skills develop and how is this evident?

Front Cover

You can tell from my preliminary task that I had a very limited skill with photoshop. I used very basic box shapes and texts, which have no flare or interest whatsoever. There are limited magazine features and the camera angle (plus the lighting) doesn't do the model justice and her prop consumes a great space, losing focus on her. With my new magazine, you can see that I have taken more care with the model and the image composition. I used the lasso tool on Photoshop to cut her out of the original photo and put her on a backdrop that is more suitable; by doing so, there's more focus on her and I was able to adjust the scale of the carved model. Meanwhile, I also improved in terms of the use of fonts - I took advantage of even if I had planned my fonts prior the construction of my magazine. This is because there are always new additions on the website. I also took more notice of the magazine conventions (though these two are polar opposites, as one is a school magazine, whilst the other is a music one).

Another notable skill that I gained and improved from my preliminary task to my final product is the use of drop shadows and other effects. As you can see, the preliminary front cover lacks any livelihood to it; it's dull and plain. Meanwhile, my final product contains the uses of drop shadows to create a 3D effect which helps accentuate certain features of the magazine like the masthead, anchorage and other plugs.

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Content Page

There are three stages involved for the improvement of my preliminary contents page to my final one.


I changed my DPS article from something that is quite vulgar to something much "softer". My first DPS page had a lot of content, and pair this with my lack of skill with InDesign and the importance of text wraps, this looked very muddled. You can see the improvement with my old and new one because there is more emphasis on even spaces and simplicity, unlike my previous one, which was very conserved with space and very dark. I think it's because I was trying to match it with the themes of PBRB's "dark side".

I changed my article content (which was very sex and drugs oriented, with profanity here and there) to something more unconventional and oriented on music and the origins of the artist. You can also see the improvement of my language and lack of excess hyphens because of the odd columns. I also swapped the articles around so that it's less confusing for readers (since we read left to right not right to left)!

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