Internet Safety

Stay safe online!

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6 Tips to Stay Safe Online

There are many ways to stay safe online, and here are just some tips.

- Don't share personal information on the internet or to people you don't know online or on social media sites. Stay away from sharing full names, addresses, and passwords. There are some bad people out there who will use that information to there advantage.

- Whenever there is a cyber bully, report him/her immediately and don't be a bystander.

- Whenever doing research, use websites that end with .gov, .org, or .edu. websites that end with .com, or .web, aren't as reliable.

- Whenever something inappropriate comes up, push the back button, or turn of the monitor, and never visit that spot again.

- Use websites that are up to date, and don't have many errors. Also, get your parents permission before using a website that you aren't sure about.

- Only friend people you know, strangers may act like they are your friends or know you, but they can be dangerous.

If you look were the flyer is located, it says Hong Kong. This is an example of not sharing actual addresses.
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