Tangerine Times

By: Keren Song

What's Up

  • I moved into our new house in Lake Windsor Downs
  • I see my first muck fire
  • I meet some of the people around the neighborhood
  • I visit my new school, Lake Windsor Middle School
  • I find out about the soccer tryouts
  • First day of school
  • I go to soccer tryouts at 4:00
  • I meet Gino, captain for this year and Mr.Walski our coach
  • I heard the news that Mike Costello died at football practice
  • I saw Erik and Arthur laughing over Mike’s death

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Paul Fisher and Erik Fisher, same last name...same family... but they couldn't be more different. Erik Fisher is a football player at Lake Windsor Downs High School. Erik is an enjoyable and lively character. He is much loved by his parents and friends. Unlike Erik, Paul Fisher is more like the opposite of his brother. He is less outgoing and keeps to himself most of the time. Instead of football, Paul plays soccer. Paul is not trusted by his parents and doesn't have many friends at his new school. Paul has a hard time fitting in at school because of his bottle cap shaped glasses that he wears due to his bad eyesight. Paul is legally blind, but he insists that he can see perfectly fine. In the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Paul says,"But i can see." On the other hand, Erik can see perfectly fine and doesn't wear bottle cap shaped glasses like Paul. Although Paul and Erik are brothers, they are nothing alike.

Tragedy Strikes

Tragedy literally strikes in Lake Windsor Downs as Mike Costello is struck dead. Mike Costello was out on the field on Tuesday, September fifth at about 4:00 pm practicing football for Lake Windsor Downs High School. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck Mike dead. Mike was found laying on the ground with the left side of his hair seared off. One of the dads at the practice called the ambulance. They took Mike to the emergency room but it was to late. Mike had already died. His friends and family soon were informed about this tragic incident after Mike was taken to the hospital. A few days later, they held a funeral for Mike. This was a very terrifying incident. The community mourns for the loss of the talented football player. He will be missed.

MOYA Close-Up

There are many issues that go on in the story Tangerine especially with Paul, a young adolescent. One issue is Paul's bad eyesight. Paul has been legally blind since he was little. The cause of Paul's poor eyesight is that he thinks he stared at an eclipse too long. Another MOYA issue in the book is how Paul's parents don't really trust Paul. I believe the reason Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Fisher don't trust Paul is because Paul is blind. His parents think Paul can't see anything clearly so they don't listen to him. But i believe Paul can see things differently from a normal mediocre person. The last problem is Paul's relationship with Erik. They don't have a very close bond with each other. The cause of this problem is how their father treats Erik and Paul differently. Mr. Fisher spends a lot of time and cares for Erik because of the Erik Fisher Football Dream. Mr. Fisher wants Erik to be successful so he spends a lot of time and energy on Erik. On the other hand, Paul doesn't get as much attention. He spends a lot of time by himself and not with his family.He feels the need to make new friends and feels isolated in his home. Paul is a young adolescent and undergoes a lot of problems at his age. He is learning new lessons in life and is continuing to overcome challenges.

Help Our School Thrive!

You can make a difference in Lake Windsor Middle School! You can be a SWEET student and help raise money to renovate our football and soccer fields.Plus you'll have the chance to fix the trailers . Come on! What are you waiting for?!

What: A bake sale!

When: The Lake Windsor Bake Sale will take place on September 17. But make sure you bring in some homemade sweet treats on September 16 so we can set everything up in advance.

Where: In the front of our school where everyone can see!

Who: You can participate! And make sure to tell all of your friends and family so they can buy some great homemade treats.

Why: To raise money for our fantastic school!

We appreciate your hard work. Like we always say, we're all in this together, and we'll come out of this an even stronger Lake Windsor Middle School family. Thank you!