A few good men

by: Luis Anastacio

Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Jessep

The “golden boy” of the Marine Corps. Jessep is a combat veteran who has risen in rank faster than others contemporary to his age and years of service. He is expected to be appointed Director of Operations for the National Security Council. This would be an extremely powerful and prestigious staff assignment.

Military Uniforms for Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Jessep

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He was the commanding officer of the ground forces stationed in Guantanomo Bay, Cuba. His Marines worked as a machine with lots of help from his right-hand men, Lt. Col. Markinson and Lt. Kendrick.When one of the men made a mistake, it was the job of the other men to never let that one Marine forget it. Using a hazing technique known as a "Code Red", a couple of Marines were ordered to let one of their own know he made a mistake one night. The mistake, it turns out, was theirs, as the young Marine wound up dead.

Faced with incredible embarrassment, Jessup did everything he could to cover up the details of the order given to the two young Marines now on trial for murder. They were left out to dry, facts were covered up, and official documents were falsified. The simple fact was that if word got out an order was given to rough up the deceased kid, Jessup's ass and the rest of officers would be on the block. Leave it to one young upstart attorney, Lt. Daniel Kaffee,a man hired to plea bargain for the two Marines and unwittingly sweep the case under a rug, to actually investigate and uncover a conspiracy.