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Second Graders Shine Bright!

A Message From Miss Fuerst

I can't believe how quickly March has passed! I am finally teaching the entire day and I am having a great learning experience with your children. Mrs. Lloyd has been helping me along the way to keep me on track and guide me in being the best I can be while teaching your children.

We had a great time during Read Across America Week! Pajama Day was the favorite but reading Dr. Seuss all week reminded us how much we like his books.

Field Trip News

We received many field trip forms, money, and chaperones today! We are currently inquiring about adding a few more chaperone tickets to our order. We are hoping University of Penn will be able to accommodate everyone. We will let everyone know as soon as possible. If we can NOT add to our order we will have a lottery and return the chaperone money for those who are not chosen in the lottery.

Introducing our Interactive Bulletin Board

We have brought a new Interactive Bulletin Board into the classroom to use during The Daily 5. We have learned so many reading strategies and can keep our skills sharp by working with these strategies on a daily basis. During The Daily 5, if the option "Read to Self" is picked, the students are able to fill out one of the laminated pages containing a reading strategy at their desks using an expo marker. The students fill it out based on the book they are reading.
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Journey's Jargon-Lesson 17

Comprehension: SEQUENCE OF EVENTS and VISUALIZING were our comprehension strategies last cycle. All of the students were great at discussing the sequence of events in a story, as well as visualizing without seeing any pictures. We added to our understanding by doing a visualizing activity. We read a short poem called "Bubble Trip." and the students drew what they visualized in their heads while listening.

Grammar: We learned how pronouns fit with SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT. We learned explain SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT HERE and the how the new pronouns coincide.

Phonics: Our focus this cycle was words with long "i". We discussed the sounds and spellings for the words containing i, igh, ie, and y,

You can find Lesson 17 Home Letter HERE.

The Parent Pipelines can be found HERE.

Journey's Jargon-Lesson 18

Comprehension: UNDERSTANDING CHARACTERS and ANALYZE/EVALUATE are our comprehensions strategies that we are currently working on. We did a lot of work with understanding characters feelings and traits, and we even talked about feelings and traits (internal and external) of our own. We applied our skills by reading Chrysanthemum and created a character trait bag to go along with it.

Grammar: This cycle, we learned about the different forms of THE VERB "Be." We learned that the verb "Be" can be written as: am, is, are, was, and were. We practiced in a variety of ways including creating our sentences using the "be".

Phonics: Our focus this cycle is WORDS WITH THE LONG E SOUND FOR Y. We observed a multitude of words that have the long e sound, but are actually spelled with a y.

You can find Lesson 18 Home Letter HERE.

The Parent Pipelines can be found HERE.

Math Moments

The second half of Unit 6 introduced us to arrays. We learned about arrays by first understanding rows and columns. We found arrays in everyday life and made arrays using the iPad app and multiple interactive notebook pages. We learned how to write repeated addition number sentences. We went one step further and showed the repeated addition number sentences to multiplication problems.

Writer's at Work

If you have never nominated a book for an award, you can ask your 2nd grader for some tips! In Bend 3, we talked about books that received awards such as the Caldecott Award and the Newbury Award. We then nominated some of our favorite books we thought deserved awards for having great pictures, great text, or great characters. We expanded our writing to include comparing and contrasting texts and characters. We quoted the author's words to our persuasiveness and used advanced punctuation such as commas, parenthesis, and dashes in our letters!

Stellar Scientists

The 3rd unit, Soils, has begun!! We have learned about different elements of soil, and created compost bags that we will be watching over the next five weeks. We made observations about each element of soil: what they look like, smell like, sound like, and feel like. We created an attribute chart for the different characteristics of each soil. Students have been enjoying this unit, especially creating the compost bags containing worms! We also did some attribute charting, determining the different characteristics of each soil component.

Upcoming Events

Please Mark Your Calendars

  • 3/16-3/20 -No After-School Enrichment
  • 3/19 -Dine Out with Tatem-Villa Rosa 4:30-7:00
  • 3/20-Last Day to Order Yearbook
  • 3/23-Report Cards Available
  • 3/23-3/25-Tatem Book Fair
  • 3/25-Family Night at Book Fair
  • 3/27-Tatem Talent Show-HMHS 6pm
  • 4/3-School Open-12:30 Dismissal
  • 4/6-4/10 -Spring Break
  • 4/13-Back to School-Day 1