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Why technology works...

As your young children embark on their journey to high school, there are a few tools that they may be introduced to help their learning experience. In our changing world, technology has become a big part of learning. In high school, we feel our students are mature enough to be able to productively use technology in the classroom. Students will be allowed to use technology devices, such as iPads, MacBooks, and iPhones, during class. These iPads and MacBooks will be loaded with certain applications for the betterment of classroom experiences. Below, we will discuss three applications that are useful for the education of our wonderful students.

Now let's talk about these tools...

Top Hat

Top Hat is an application that is utilized often in college, but bringing it to high school has been beneficial. Teachers can use this as an attendance tool as well as a discussion board. Top Hat works by giving out codes for classes, and students can count their attendance by entering codes to show they are there. Top Hat can also be used as a discussion center. Students in the classroom can anonymous reply to the discussion board the teacher can pull up this information on the board so students can see their classmates responses. You can also reply not anonymously, and therefore the teacher can see who is participating in class. Top Hat is a good tool to see how much students are there and paying attention.


Pinterest is an application that allows users to create boards to organize ideas. Pinterest is good for group projects. Group members can create Pinterest accounts and work together to organize ideas of a group collaboration board. They can "pin" links, pictures, and videos to the group board so they can easily access these links throughout their project. Pinterest can help group members work together and have all their information in one location.Pinterest can help teachers monitor who is participating in the project, because they can see who is "pinning" on the group board. This tool will help group members interact outside of classrooms, by sharing a board and information with each other.


Twitter is a social media app that can be used to communicate with students, faculty, and parents. We will use Twitter to send out messages to the community regarding school cancellations, big events, and any other foreseen messages. We can also use Twitter as a communication tool in the classroom. Teachers can use twitter to send out reminders to their students. For example, if a student was sick, he can log on to twitter and see what he missed in class because his teacher tweeted it. We can also use twitter as a communication tool for class discussions. Students can tweet their opinions using hashtags for their class.

Technology Seminar for Parents and Students

Wednesday, Sep. 23rd, 8pm

1300 Cedar Shoals Drive

Athens, GA

Come learn about these Technology systems and how we can work together to utilize these websites to improve your children's education. You can also practice with these technologies, so you and your children have a better idea about how to use this technology.

Jillian Oubre


Cedar Shoals High School