We hope you are all having an amazing summer! This special edition of the GASC Gazette will be focused on recaps of two of our big summer events, NatStuCo and GASC BLAST! We will return with our regularly scheduled Gazette, ordered by pillar, on August 1.
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NatStuCo Conference

The National Student Council Conference was held from July 24-26 in McDonald, PA. Georgia's delegation learned so much about leadership and we're excited to share our recap at convention!

"Seeing and meeting people from Hawaii and California who asked me for OUR state lip balm was an exhilarating experience. I went to a workshop with Keith Hawkins, and he helped us learn how to look past our leadership titles. We talked about what problems we face, and I opened up to strangers from all across the country. It really helped me realize we all face struggles, but we're all still leaders. We all have struggles, but we all have the ability to bounce back. It made me realize that as leaders, we need to set the example to learn from and be open about our struggles."

Tene Jones, GASC Parliamentarian (Meadowcreek High School)

*Interested in going to NatStuCo 2020 in Denver, CO? Contact Laura Droms at for more information.

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GASC BLAST celebrated its fifth anniversary of revival this year as fifty students from nineteen schools across the state came together to learn more about leadership! We welcomed back A'Ric Jackson and Generation leadership to work with us.

"BLAST was an amazing experience! I was skeptical about going to BLAST at first thinking it was going to be a boring and corny camp... but little did I know that BLAST would be a transforming experience that would change my view on myself and others. A’ric was such a great facilitator and really brought me out of my comfort zone. BLAST taught me about who I really am as a person and helped me learn how to lead others. BLAST was an amazing experience that I recommend to all members in GASC!"

Vishesh Patel, GASC President (Houston County High School)

"Coming to BLAST was one of the best experiences of my summer. While this camp forced me out of my comfort zone to try new things, BLAST gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself and my inner leader. Not only did I meet unique friends who shared the same values as me, but I also discovered how I can be a better leader for my community. Saying that BLAST transformed me is truly an understatement!"

Anh Dang, GASC Communications (Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology)

*Interested in attending BLAST 2020? Email BLAST Camp DIrector Holly Shih at to be the first to know when details are available!

BLAST 2019


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