Figurative Language


Definition: Comparing two different things using the words like or as to link them together.

Example: Works LIKE a charm or AS busy AS a bee.


Definition: comparing two unlike things not using the words like or as.

Example: your a firework, you are my sunshine.


Definition: A text that almost all the words start with the same letter or has the same sound.

Example: Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers


Definition: a sound in a story that shows what noise was heard.



Definition: You say something but it has a moral to it and you don't mean the exact words you say.

Example: At a drop of a hat (fast/quickly), actions speak louder than words (What you do proves yourself more than what you say)


Definition: You make an exaggeration based on how you feel about a something.

Example: it's so fluffy i'm going to die! ( your not really going to die), laughing her head off( her head isn't coming off)


Definition: Giving human features to a non-living object though it does it in a way but not really.

Example: The car engine roared as the man started it, the last cookie was calling out my name.

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