Learning About Racism & Anti-Racism

A book list for families


While my heart has been so heavy the week, I have found some joy in seeing the commitment so many people are showing towards fighting against injustice and racism. People in the US must constantly strive towards anti-racism, and to do so they need an understanding of what that even means. I am a firm believer that education is always a great place to start when attempting to tackle any issue, so I have created a resource guide to help others on the journey of understanding and addressing systemic racism against the Black community in the US.

This list begins with picture books that are great for the whole family and ends with books created for adults. I hope this helps families come together to learn about our difficult past, have critical conversations about racism, and put in the necessary work. These kid and YA books are also just great summer reads regardless!

Picture Books

Middle Grade Books

Young Adult Books

Adult Books