Beacon Light is celebrating Black History Month!

Language Development skills: Remember Monday is review day!
Letters and Sound: This week we are going to begin the Letters Qq. We will also continue to practice writing our letters Oo and Pp.
Blends: children will learn how to sound out blends by using different word that begin with letter: B-C-D-E-F-G-H-J-K-L-M-N-O-P- Q.

Reading skills: Student will go over sight word for the book they will be reading each week.

Sight Words: what, is,in,the,put,on,will,get,a
Vocabulary words:

Handwriting skills:

  • Handwriting skills are learned by tracing letters, numbers and their names. Each day students will trace and write their names. This week the children will begin to trace and writing the letters Qq.
Math Development Skills:
  • Shapes recognition. Each week we will learn how to trace and draw shapes we've learned . Student will trace, write and color different shapes this week.
  • Number recognition. Counting from 1-50. Number recognition in and out of order will be introduced. Student will learn to write their numbers and learn to correlate numbers with objects. Students will review their number words and writing number 2 thru 16.
  • Color recognition of our primary and secondary colors. Students will review colors learned the school year. Each student will be able to recognize, spell and write their color names.
  • Visual perception and Classifying worksheets will be on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Bible Lessons:

  • Scripture: Genesis 16:13, " Thou God see's me".

Beacon Light "What's Up in Class" information Corner! .

We will continue to focus on handwriting and reading skills! It time to spell and write our names!!!

Please note: it is very important that the children go over their sight words every day. Parents it is important that we work together so that your child can reach the goals set for each semester.

Beacon light Kiddie University

Beacon Light is a registered family home with a private school culture. Your child will be able to blossom into what God has intended them to be in our learning environment. Love is served daily as part of our program. My classes are very small so that I will be able to give your child the attention that he/she needs. The ages start at 20 months to 60 months.

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