States and Capitals

There are twelve total states in the southeast, each with slightly different features. The states (and their capitals) are: Alabama (Montgomery), Arkansas (Little Rock), Florida (Tallahassee), Georgia (Atlanta), Kentucky (Frankfort), Louisiana (Baton Rouge), Mississippi (Jackson), North Carolina (Raleigh) , South Carolina (Columbia), Tennessee (Nashville), Virginia (Richmond), and West Virginia (Charleston).


The southeast region has lots of different geographical features. First of all, we have the Appalachian Mountains, which pass through the states of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky. There is also the Cumberland Plateau. A plateau is a place where land is higher than the land around it. It is flat, so it is not a mountain, hill, or anything similar. There are also the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.

bodies of water

In the southeast, there is lots of water, but it isn't all for drinking. The region borders the Pacific Ocean, on the east side. The states bordering the ocean are Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. The states bordering the Gulf of Mexico are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and, again, Florida.


There are plenty of rivers in the southeast. There is the very large Mississippi River, which creates the borders of the states Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. There are more states, but they are not in this region, so I will not be mentioning them. The Mississippi River starts in Minnesota, and ends in the Gulf of Mexico. Other rivers include: the James R., Red R., Alabama R., Ohio R., and the Tennessee R.