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Fixing Canon Printer Problems in Windows 10

How to troubleshoot Canon Printer problem in the new Windows 10 update? Here are some solutions to this problem.

One of the largest and principal manufacture computer printer makers award goes to Canon Inc. The first model of Canon Printer was Apple LaserWriter. The engine used in it was Canon LBP-CX engine. Canon also manufactures the wide range of scanners and photocopiers.

It is the most trusted brand in the market while purchasing any imaging product like computer printers, scanners, photocopiers, and cameras.

Nowadays there has been a problem in using Canon Printers in new Windows 10 update.

Some of the problems with their fixes are:

1. Canon Printer not working properly in Windows 10

First, check if your Canon Printer is switched on and is connected to your PC. If it is connected and still not working, follow these steps to solve it.

• Run the printer Troubleshooter which is provided by Microsoft in your PC.

• If it is not solved still, it means that you have to install new Printer Drivers for your Canon Printer. For doing this, check Canon Printer Support website for compatible Printer Drivers which works with your Windows 10!

Now how to uninstall the printer, follow these steps-

i. Open Start menu on your PC.

ii. Click Devices and Printers in it.

iii. Select your Canon printer from the option.

iv. Then click Remove Device from the screen.

v. Reinstall the printer

vi. Download the driver after reinstalling and then install the new one according to given manual.

2. Not showing Windows 10 Printer Driver for Canon Printer

Today many of the printer manufacturers are not offering new Drivers which will work with Windows 10.

For solving this issue, you can try Windows 8 Printer Drivers as there are chances of working with them.

As in most of the times, The Printer Driver is a .exe file so you just need to uninstall the printer by just following the step mentioned above in 1st problem.

3. Don’t have the driver for your Canon Printer

If your Canon Printer is detected then you simply need to follow the instructions which are showing on-screen while installing the printer.

• Click the “Printer that I want isn’t listed” option in Network printer’s option

• Then click “Next”. This will solve the issue and your Canon Printer will be detected easily.

If you still require any assistance regarding technical glitch in your Canon Printer, you may call Canon Printer Support Number

They will provide you reliable and excellent solutions which will solve your issue easily as “PROVIDING QUALITY WITH SUPPORT” is their tagline.