Dog sledding, the experience

Learn everything you need to know about dog sledding

What is there to dog sledding?

-The best amount per team is 6

-It takes years to train your dogs properly

-Need a good bond with dogs so your dogs will listen to you

-Dogs wont want to run if the weather is to cold for them

Where does it all all happens?

-Far up north where there is alot of snow






Best Breeds

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When is the best time for dog sledding?

-Best time is during winter

-Can still be done in other seasons (as long as its snow alot)

-Best months are December-February

Why go dog sledding?

-Used For transportation

-Used for racing as well

Fun Facts!

-First dog sled was known as the "komatik."

-Popular commands are "hike" (go) "gee" (turn right) "haw" (turn left) and "whoa" (stop)

-People say the best thing about it is training the dogs

-On some of the worlds largest trails it may take mushers 9-15 days to get to the end

-Practiced in over 100 countries around the world


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-Nick Rakaczky, Madison Spencer

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