Media Center Update SUMMER EDITION

Cambridge High School

We are OVERLOADED with goodies!

If you have been in the media center lately, you have probably noticed the HUGE amount of books and DVDs that we've recently received. We are so excited to share all of our new "stuff" with everyone! Our DVD collection is extra impressive--we more than doubled our opening collection, and we have something for everyone. Our challenge to you? Stop in sometime before you leave and take a quick look in the DVD room. You WILL be impressed!

PS-We have 175 high quality boxes in the media center for anyone who may need them for moving purposes. They are already broken down and in perfect condition! Come and get them!

Come See Us for Summer Reading!

YES! You are more than welcome to check books out over the summer! Once you have turned in all of your "school year" items, browse the collection and see if anything looks good for your summer reading. Our biography/memoir section is particularly impressive--come see!

Summer "hours"

If you have any special requests for next year, whether it's book/DVD requests or lessons you'd like to work on together in the fall, feel free to e-mail me over the summer at