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Acton Weekly Update 1/11/19

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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Coach's Corner

I'm so excited for the future of each and every Acton student. You are going to learn so much about our students as individual readers the next few weeks as we proceed with the NSGRA. This is really going to transform how we view and approach each of our students, building on strengths and turning their weaknesses into strengths.

If you have any questions regarding the NSGRA and Guided Reading in general, please put them on this document. This will make sure your questions get seen and addressed.

DOE Resources

The DOE has released items to practice with your students. Take a look at the way the questions are worded, the new formatting, new tools, and the rigor of the ILEARN test. Click on the link below to get started.

ILEARN Released Item Repository Grades 3 -5

Answer Keys: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

Planning Lessons by Standard ~ The DOE has provided many valuable resources

to help plan your mini-lessons and even questions your quick checks. Click on links.

Literacy Framework ~ (All Grades & all subjects) ~ Provides Learning outcomes, I Can

Statements, Question stems, vocabulary, & EL/SPED learning considerations

Item Specifications Database ~ (3rd - 5th Grade all subjects tested on ILEARN) ~ Provides clarity to how each standard could be accessed on ILEARN, a breakdown of the standard that gives insight into the DOK and specific skills needed, reading passage excerpts, sample questions and expected student responses to those questions.

Performance Level Descriptors ~ (3rd - 5th Grade all subjects test on ILEARN)

~Provide learning progressions for each standard from below, approaching, at & above proficiency.

Vertically Aligned Specifications: ELA & Math (All Grades) ~ This document allows the teacher to see the learning progression across grade levels for the same standard.

Writing Scoring Rubrics for ILEARN

~New Rubrics & Guidelines

  • Organization/Purpose (4 points) & Evidence/Elaboration (4 points) ~ These 2 scores are averaged.

  • Conventions Rubric (2 points)

  • Students read 2 sources in 3rd & 3 sources in 4th-5th to plan their writing.

Link to all Writing Rubrics

Link to Scoring Explanation

Counseling Corner

January Character Trait: Kindness

The Great Kindness Adventure is Tuesday, January 15 @ 2:30 in the Gym

Kids will be able to buy items made by Kenyan artisans during lunch starting on Wed. 1/16-1/22.


Kindness Adventure Lesson Recap Grades 1-3

Kindness Adventure Lesson Recap Grades 3-5

Kindness Week January 22-25


1. Riley Hospital Jar Wars: Bring in your loose change to help kids at Riley.

2. Poster Contest: Kindness Matters is the theme and these are due on Jan. 28.

3. Encourage your class to use the Tiger Mail System to write a kind letter to someone in the school.

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Weekly PBIS Focus Expectations:

Jan. 14 Week 2 Introduce PAWS Binder

PBIS Central

Click here for anything and everything Acton PBIS.

Weekly Collaboration Schedule

Choose the tabs at the bottom to view each quarter

Ohana Calendar

WIDA Testing Window

DIBELS PM Yellow/Green Students

Monday 1/14/19

  • School Board Meeting
  • Matt at KI AM/ Coaches Meeting PM
  • TM Case Conference

Tuesday 1/15/19
  • Brook at IC Interviews

  • Collaboration Meeting: Organizing and Starting GR Interest Survey, Word Knowledge and Comprehension Assessments (Whole Group Assessments) and Practice Running Records

  • Donato's Fundraiser

  • Kindness Adventure Assembly 2:30 (Normal Schedule- except 1st and 2nd swap T/TH RA classes)

Wednesday 1/16/19
  • Brook at IC Interviews
  • AM Collaboration for 3-5 and Special Services Team Meet with Matt and Haley- Airways Data
  • K-2 Meet with Matt to review DIBELS MOY Data
  • Kevin at an all day Counselors Meeting

Thursday 1/17/19

  • CFA Cohort 3 Day

  • LC CC

Friday 1/18/19

  • All Pro Dads
  • TOMAGS 9:30-11:00

Coming Soon:


21 MLK Day

22 5th grade instrument testing

23 ILearn Readiness Test

23 Robotics

24 STEM Scouts

25 Mother/Son Night

28 Skating Party

29 3rd grade field trip

30 Robotics

31 Yearbook activity pictures

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