News At The Creek

November 14


12 Days of Winter Fun

We will be holding our second annual 12 Days of Winter Fun again this year. This is an optional activity during the month of December. You may wear jeans each day you participate. We are finalizing our Holiday Breakfast and our second 'Holiday Sweater Smackdown." The schedule for the 12 Days of Winter Fun will be sent out next week. It begins on December 2nd. Please notice we will have professional dress on Holiday Luncheon days (Dec. 9 & 11). Enjoy! The first ten people who email Carrie with their favorite Thanksgiving food will get a treat in their mailboxes.

12Stone Church

12Stone Church will be launching a new campus targeting the Braselton/Chateau Elan area. They will be holding services for about six months at Duncan Creek as they build their new facility. Services will be held in the cafeteria beginning on December 7th. The lead pastor will be Dan Vander Wal. Mr. Vander Wal and his family are building in the Duncan Creek district, and his daughter will be attending school with us. This is a great way to serve our community as well as earn additional financial resources for our school. They will be using a few classrooms each Sunday. I will be notifying those of you whose rooms will be used.

Reassessment Procedures

Thank you to our grade chairpersons and administrators for your great work this week as we dig into developing our beliefs and procedures for reassessment. We had a productive meeting on Monday. I appreciate your willingness to be open to the ideas of others and to work cohesively as a group. Your leadership as you walk your teachers through this process is commendable and important. Thank you for all you do!

Bus Pass Reminder

Students MUST come to the office for a bus pass early in the school day. Handwritten notes are not accepted by the bus driver. Students who fail to get a printed bus pass from the office will most likely miss their bus and the parents will need to be called.

AP News

Teachers please remember that attendance should be completed no later than 10 am every day. Thank you for being consistent in your practices.

Lock Downs

We will be having a hard lock down in December. Please review the procedure and ask for clarification if needed.

Lock Downs

“WE ARE HAVING A HARD LOCK DOWN” – In this situation the danger is INSIDE the building.

1. Stay calm.

2. If you are on the playground during a hard lockdown you are to take cover in the back corner out of sight as much as possible. (behind the trees along the fence line crouched or sitting as close together as possible) - DO NOT try to come into the building.

3. Lock your doors

4. Open your outside window blinds if you have them

5. Cover your classroom door window or the close the door blinds if your room has these.

6. Turn off both sets of lights

7. Use at least 2 desks to block your door for the a real situation use as many as you can

8. Move the children to the floor away from door and windows

9. Remain quiet and do not do anything that will attract the attention of the intruder

10. An administrator and/or uniformed police officer will come to your room, identify themselves and then open your door with a key. You are not to open the door even if an officer or administrator identifies him or herself. At this point your room will no longer be in lockdown.

11. In a hard lock down, you take one comes to the office.

12. No one is allowed to enter or leave any building during the lockdown. This includes vendors, visitors, itinerant workers, and volunteers.


The long awaited for flip book is ready! General education classroom teachers will each receive one today. Let Mrs. Jackson know if you have any questions. Special thanks to Mrs. Abney and Mr. Murphy for making this happen.


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Website of the Week


Great FREE Resource. Teachers can upload pdf or ppt documents. It gives a code and allows the students to enter that code on the site…then the student sees the presentation on their device. The teacher can make it interactive by creating a question, either multiple choice, true/false, or a word splash. Students answer the questions by selecting or typing in their answer and the teacher gets a graph/word splash showing results. It also allows you to create instant polling where you do not need a ppt/pdf. This website will also allow users to touch their screen on their device and it will produce a heat map on the teacher computer. For example, you could have a map of the US in your presentation, ask students to touch a state they have visited and the heat map would show you WHERE all your students have visited on your computer..the darker the mark, the more students chose that area.

It allows you to see a “History” and export the data from your polling,etc..

And did I mention it is FREE for educators?!?

Climate Committee Corner

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Becky Moore - 11/17

Kelly Logan - 11/18

Beth Hendry - 11/22